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Google engineer who failed to get into company five times shares her incredible journey | Popular

Many people aspire to work in their dream company and may even apply for the same position multiple times over the years. Something similar happened to Qingyue Wang, a software engineer at Google. She talked about her journey on LinkedIn, posting how she started applying for the company in 2018 and got the job in 2022. She also urged people to “stop blaming or second-guessing” themselves if they failed to find a job.

Google software engineer shared her journey on LinkedIn.

“The first time was in 2018. I got an online assessment from Google. I was excited, but I didn’t pass the OA. Then an interviewer contacted me. They had reviewed my OA answers and wanted to give me an second chance. Unfortunately I didn’t pass up this attempt either.

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My third attempt was in early 2020. I had a phone screening interview, but I did not pass. Because I persevered, I reapplied for the position of Site Reliability Engineer in 2020. After four rounds of interviews and positive feedback, the role was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. In 2022, on my fifth attempt, I finally landed the role of Software Engineer. After I passed the job interview, I received a gift from Google, along with a paper that said, “Congratulations, the job search is difficult,” Qingyue Wang wrote. (Also read: Amid Tesla, Google layoffs, IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus’ queries ‘strange idea of ​​dream companies’)

View the message here:

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This post was shared a few days ago. Since the post was made, it has received over one lakh likes. The stock also has numerous reactions. (Also read: An ex-Meta intern’s job offer at Elon Musk’s Tesla is withdrawn 72 hours before his hiring: ‘Frustrated and heartbroken’)

This is how people responded:

One person wrote: “So much innocence in the dog’s eyes and a great message of perseverance. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations.”

A second wrote: “I love this, you persevered and never gave up on your dream. Well done and all the best. You are truly an inspiration to those who feel like failure is the end but you have just proven that perseverance and hard work is worth it.” the end.”

“Your story is incredibly inspiring and a testament to the fact that hard work always pays off. Thank you for sharing your experiences and motivating us all to keep moving forward despite the challenges,” said a third.

A fourth shared: “Congratulations on your perseverance and success! Your journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in your job search. Continue to inspire others with your story!”

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