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‘Rs 5 crore protection money’: Gunmen open fire in a car showroom in Delhi | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Making a mockery of law and order in the national capital, gunmen went amok at a car showroom in west Delhi on Monday evening after demanding ‘protection money’ of Rs 5 crore from the owner and firing indiscriminately to create panic.

A local BJP functionary, Vikas Tyagi, was injured while the windows of the showroom were shattered. Initial investigation by intelligence agencies revealed that the gunmen were sent by Portugal-based gangster Himanshu Bhau, while some captured gangsters from Delhi coordinated the logistics.

The incident sparked outrage among traders in the area. The repeated incidents in the city have raised questions over the functioning of units like the Special Cell and the Crime Branch. The police commissioner has been asked to take steps to ensure that the business community feels safe in the capital. Local people said the three gunmen fired about a dozen shots.

Police received a PCR call about the incident around 7pm on Monday. The car showroom was located in Ganesh Nagar locality of the area. “The shots were fired, targeting the glass and into the air,” an officer said.

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One resident said: “I initially thought it might have been the sound of a tire blowing out. But I saw a boy running with a backpack and sitting on a bicycle with two boys already on it. I think one person was injured. and he was taken to the hospital.”

Sources said that before the dismissal, a ransom note was handed over to the security guard demanding Rs 5 crore. “Three gunmen from the gang entered the showroom, one of whom handed this letter to an employee of the showroom and then fired several shots,” said a trader.

During the firing, a man named Vikas Tyagi, who was in his car, was mysteriously injured and later rushed to a hospital. Besides Bhau, the note left by the gunmen also mentioned the names of some captured prisoners. Other gangsters named in the note – Neeraj Bali, Neeraj Bawana and others – are lodged in Tihar Jail Number 2.

The incident has once again confirmed that after Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, his rivals have also become active in Delhi.

Bhau, a gangster from Haryana, is seen as the emerging face of the syndicate active in Delhi and Haryana.

There was a reward of over Rs 1 lakh against Himanshu Bhau by Delhi Police and Rs 1.5 lakh by Haryana Police. Interpol has issued a red-corn notice against Bhau.