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Petrol, diesel fresh prices announced: check rates in your city on May 7

Petrol and diesel prices on May 7, 2024: Oil marketing companies have released petrol and diesel prices for May 7, 2024. The price of petrol and diesel is released daily. In such a situation, the driver should get gas refilled after checking the latest rates. Let us tell you that fuel prices are different in all cities.

Before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, petrol and diesel prices were reduced by Rs 2 on March 14, 2024.

Recently, the price of crude oil surpassed $90 per barrel. However, there is now a decline. The price of crude oil is hovering above $83 per barrel.

New petrol and diesel rates are released in the country every day at 6am. Oil companies have released new prices for petrol and diesel for May 3. According to the information, even on May 7, there is no change in petrol and diesel prices in the metros of the country. Let us know what are the fuel prices in the metros.

Petrol Diesel Price Today in India (View City Rate List Below)

Mumbai petrol and diesel price

As of May 7, the price of petrol in Mumbai continued to cross the Rs 100 mark and reached Rs 104.21 per litre, while the price of diesel stood at Rs 92.15 per litre.

Delhi Diesel Price Today

From May 7, the price of diesel will be Rs 87.62 per litre.

Delhi petrol price today


As of May 7, the cost of petrol in Delhi will be Rs 94.72 per litre.

Check out petrol and diesel prices in the city on May 7:

City Petrol price (Rs/litre) Diesel price (Rs/litre)
Chennai 100.75 92.34
Calcutta 103.94 90.76
Noida 94.83 87.96
Lucknow 94.65 87.76
Bengaluru 99.84 85.93
Hyderabad 107.41 95.65
Jaipur 104.88 90.36
Trivandrum 107.56 96.43
Bhubaneswar 101.06 92.64

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  • Know the price of petrol and diesel via SMS

    You can also find out the latest petrol and diesel prices in your city through SMS. If you are a customer of Indian Oil, then you have to write RSP along with city code and send it to 9224992249. If you are a customer of BPCL, then you can get information about the new price of petrol and diesel RSP in writing and send it to 9223112222. While you, if you are a customer of HPCL, can find out the price of petrol and diesel by writing to HP Price and sending it to 9222201122.

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