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When will season 25, episode 17 of ‘The Voice’ air? 4 artists compete for ‘Instant Save’ during the Quarterfinals

Four Artists Compete for an ‘Instant Save’ During the Quarterfinals of Season 25 of ‘The Voice’

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: The highly anticipated Episode 17 of Season 25 of “The Voice,” titled “Live Top 12 Results,” premieres Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 8:00 PM ET, exclusively on NBC.

Fans are eagerly awaiting this exciting episode, which promises thrilling performances and dramatic eliminations as the competition heats up. Make sure to tune in to see which participants advance to the next round and which get sent home.

In the next episode of the beloved singing competition, viewers will finally find out the results of the votes cast for the top twelve contestants who performed live. The judges, including the talented John Legend, the iconic Reba McEntire, hip-hop sensation Chance the Rapper and country music duo Dan + Shay, will be eager to see which artists from their team progress in the competition.

Fans are on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting to see who will progress to the next round and who will unfortunately be eliminated from the competition. Stay tuned for an exciting and dramatic episode full of incredible performances and nail-biting moments.

In addition, the eight artists will be selected through a voting process, with four of them competing in an instant save performance. The pressure is on, because only nine artists can advance to the live semi-finals.

Coaches from 'The Voice' season 25 (Instagram/nbcthevoice)
Coaches from ‘The Voice’ season 25 (Instagram/@nbcthevoice)

How to stream ‘The Voice’ season 25, episode 17?

Fans of ‘The Voice’ can choose to watch the most recent episode of season 25 by watching it on NBC’s TV channel or streaming on Peacock for a more interactive and engaging viewing session.

In addition, supporters of this popular singing competition can also stay up to date with the latest developments of the show via various streaming services such as Fubo, Sling TV and DirecTV. These platforms provide fans with multiple options to keep up with the show’s performances and updates.

What can you expect from season 25, episode 17 of ‘The Voice’?

In the upcoming episode of the famous singing competition ‘The Voice’ season 25, viewers will finally get to know the results of their votes for the top 12 contestants who performed live.

The Top 12 contestants’ performances will be spread across Episodes 16 and 17. During Monday’s episode, the top 12 performers, with three from each team, showcased their talents, and the results were announced on Tuesday.

The public voted to save the top eight performers, while the four remaining contestants, who received the lowest number of votes, will compete for a chance to be saved in the Instant Save round during the results show on Tuesday.

The new jury for 'The Voice' season 25 (Instagram/@nbcthevoice)
The new jury for ‘The Voice’ season 25 (Instagram/@nbcthevoice)

What happened on ‘The Voice’ season 25, episode 16?

On the previous episode of ‘The Voice’ Season 25 Episode 16, viewers were treated to the electrifying performances of the top 12 artists in the ‘Live Top 12 Performances’.

This episode marked a pivotal moment in the competition as the talented singers took the stage for the very first time in front of coaches Chance the Rapper, Dan + Shay, John Legend and Reba McEntire, all competing for a spot in the highly anticipated live show. semi finals.

As the performers showcased their vocal prowess, viewers were allowed to vote for their favorite artist overnight, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the show.

Who’s on season 25 of ‘The Voice’?

Team Reba

L Rodgers (Playoff pass)

Aser HaVon

Jos Sanders

Reba McEntire's mysterious health issues sparked rumors she was deaf (Tyler Golden/NBC)
‘The Voice’ season 25 coach Reba McEntire (Tyler Golden/NBC)

Team legend

Nathan Chester

Bryan Olesen (Playoff Pass)

Zoë Levert

John Legend returns as coach for 'The Voice' season 25 (Instagram/@johnlegend)
John Legend returns as coach for ‘The Voice’ season 25 (Instagram/@johnlegend)

Team chance

Nadège (Playoff Pass)

Serenity Arce

Maddi Jane

'The Voice' season 25 wears a cap with number 3 written on it (Instagram/@chancetherapper)
‘The Voice’ season 25 wears a cap with the number 3 written on it (Instagram/@chancetherapper)

Team Dan + Shay

Karen Waldrup

Madison Curbelo (Playoff Pass)

Tae Lewis

Dan + Shay have joined the judges for Season 25 of 'The Voice' (Instagram/@nbcthevoice)
Dan + Shay have joined the judges for Season 25 of ‘The Voice’ (Instagram/@nbcthevoice)

Season 25 of “The Voice” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM ET, respectively. The episodes will be available on-demand the next day on Peacock. The streaming site also features full episodes of the show’s previous seasons.