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The 8 Best Free Roku Channels of 2024

Nowadays, it seems like nothing is free, but if you own a Roku TV or use a Roku stick, you can enjoy entertainment on the big screen without spending a dime. With this list of free channels on Roku, you can watch TV shows and movies, find age-appropriate content for kids, meet your health and fitness goals, check the local news and weather, and even cook up a meal for your next dinner party .

The Roku Channel / Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Live TV, movies, TV shows, series, kids’ entertainment, on-demand options, and originals.

  • Ability to add favorite live TV channels, shows, and movies.

  • Access to premium subscriptions (US only) on the dashboard.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too many repetitive ads.

  • Limited channel originals.

  • Ads throughout programming.

With live TV channels, hit movies, original shows and series, and more, The Roku Channel has it all. You’ll find classic TV shows you haven’t seen in years alongside new movies you never thought you’d watch.

You can save your favorite live TV channels, add shows to your watchlist, and pick up where you left off with the series you love. If you subscribe to premium services like Paramount+ or Starz, you can access these channels from the dashboard, which lets you find what you want to watch no matter which channel it’s on.

The Roku Channel has a huge variety of programming for you and your family along with Spanish and international entertainment options. This option is definitely a must-have on your Roku TV.

Pluto TV/Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Hundreds of live channels and thousands of free movies and TV shows.

  • Watchlist for saving favorites.

  • Live sports, breaking news, comedy specials, and Kids Mode.

What We Don’t Like

  • Account creation with email address required.

  • Navigation is clunky at times.

  • Ads throughout programming.

With shows and movies from channels like Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount, and Showtime, you can’t go wrong with Pluto TV on your Roku.

Check out music videos, daytime television, game shows, competitive reality, history, science, classic TV shows, and more with the live Channel Guide. It lets you pop in and out when you have time. You can also view the on-demand options and binge watch popular series like Perry Mason, NCIS, The Twilight Zoneand Star Trek.

Add favorites to your watchlist, save your preferred channels, and move through the guide with ease.

Tubi/Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Live TV, movies, TV shows, series, originals, along with local news, weather, and sports.

  • International, Spanish, and kids’ entertainment.

  • Ability to watch as a guest without an account.

What We Don’t Like

  • No categories or filters for the Live TV channel guide.

  • Autoplay for previews is on by default.

  • Ads throughout programming.

Tubi offers free movies and TV shows for everyone in your home, but it has much more than that. Check out live TV for news, weather, and sports, TV series like MasterChef and Scandalor dip into anime with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon.

You can tune into Tubi Kids for family-friendly shows and take advantage of password-protected parental controls. You can also check out Tubi Español for El Macho, Gran Reserva: El Origenand other favorites.

Want to try something new? You can view Tubi Originals for award-winning entertainment, true-crime docudramas, animated series, and more. For a wide range of movies and shows and the ability to watch without an account, Tubi is a terrific Roku channel.

Local Now / Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Local news and weather, national news, documentaries, sports, and live courtroom programming.

  • Over 400 channels and thousands of movies.

  • International and Spanish entertainment.

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to access the main navigation, especially from the channel guide.

  • Not as many well-known movies and shows as other channels.

  • Ads throughout programming.

Go from checking your local news and weather to watching movies with Hollywood legends on Local Now. You’ll find many genres to browse, including films about horses and dogs, rom-coms, dramas, and more,

You can also watch on-demand shows in categories like travel, finance, and pets; add shows to your watchlist for later; and access channels from other cities in the guide.

Other options let you view your preferred local stations so you never miss a beat, or turn on QVC or HSN to find a few new gadgets for your home.

FitOn/Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Large variety of workouts including strength, cardio, yoga, Pilates, and more.

  • Personalized programs for weight loss, muscle tone, and stress relief.

  • Guided meditations for relaxation and better sleep.

What We Don’t Like

  • Account creation with email address required.

  • Time-consuming account setup.

  • Navigation lags at times.

Good workouts don’t have to come with a high price tag. With the FitOn Roku channel, you can take part in a variety of free routines to meet your health and fitness goals.

With something for everyone, you can work your heart, perform strength training, or join a HIIT class. For mind and body, you’ll enjoy the collection of yoga and Pilates workouts along with the guided meditations for relaxation, improved breathing, and better sleep.

For each timed workout, you’ll see a brief description, the intensity level, and any equipment you’ll need. Visit the Settings area to view workouts and calories burned for an easy way to track your progress. You can also add your favorites for quick access to your preferred routines. / Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Over 50,000 food videos and shows.

  • Various recipes for specific diets like diabetic, allergy-free, and vegan.

  • Queue for saved shows and search function.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some recipe videos load slowly.

  • Inconsistent volume across videos.

  • Ads throughout programming.

You don’t have to love cooking shows to watch on Roku, you just have to like food. And who doesn’t like food?

You can watch walk-throughs on preparing classic dishes or new cuisine, find recipes based on ingredients, or scope out fresh ideas for specific dietary needs. If you do enjoy cooking shows like Positively Paula or Michael Chiarello’s Napayou can tune in to a single episode or watch the whole library.

Check out the channel to brush up on your kitchen skills; learn how to bake, broil, or barbecue; or simply sit back and enjoy.

Kids & Family on The Roku Channel / Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Over 10,000 shows and movies and a live TV channel guide for all age groups.

  • Watch Again feature for tuning in to favorites quickly.

  • Age-specific content and PIN-based parental controls.

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t save favorite live TV channels.

  • Limited new Family Night movies (most are older).

Whether you have a toddler or a 10-year-old, check out Kids & Family on Roku. You can browse shows, movies, and activities by character, category, or age group.

You’ll find fun music sing-alongs, new shows and films, video games, and a collection of Family Night movies you can enjoy together. Roku also has a Kids & Family section for Spanish viewers. You can add favorites to the Save List for quick access and tune in to your recent shows fast in the Watch It Again section.

HappyKids / Roku Channel Store

What We Like

  • Over 70,000 videos including popular shows.

  • Songs, stories, exercises, DIY, and original content.

  • Holiday-themed entertainment and activities.

What We Don’t Like

  • Search results load slowly.

  • No Home category or dashboard.

Whether your little one loves Paw Patrol, Peppa Pigor Pup Tales, you’ll find it on the HappyKids Roku channel. With over 70,000 entertaining shows for kids of all ages, you’re sure to see a current favorite or discover a new one.

Along with shows, you can stream rhymes, songs, stories, exercises, and DIY. You’ll also enjoy the holiday-themed content, fun games and activities, and unlimited entertainment options for the special child in your home.

HappyKids is a 2022 winner of both the Gold Award for Mom’s Choice Awards and National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) and is also kidSAFE+ COPPA certified.