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The ceasefire plan that Hamas accepts, but Israel rejects

Hamas ceasefire
Protesters block a highway in Tel Aviv demanding the immediate release of Israeli hostages kidnapped during the deadly October 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, on May 6, 2024, the day Hamas agreed to a ceasefire fire, as an Israeli official said. was too soft. (Tomer Appelbaum/REUTERS)

The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas said on Monday it had agreed to a three-phase deal for a ceasefire and a hostage-for-prisoner swap, although an Israeli official said the deal was not acceptable to Israel because the terms had been “softened”.

The United States, which has played a mediating role in the talks along with Qatar and Egypt, said it is studying Hamas’ response and will discuss it with Middle Eastern allies.

Based on details announced so far by Hamas officials and an official briefed on the talks, the ceasefire deal, which the Palestinian group said it had agreed to, included the following:


  • A 42-day ceasefire
  • Hamas releases 33 Israeli hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinians from Israeli prisons.
  • Israel partially withdraws troops from Gaza and allows the free movement of Palestinians from south to north Gaza.


  • Another 42-day period during which an agreement is reached to restore a “lasting peace” in Gaza, language that, according to an official briefed on the talks, had been agreed between Hamas and Israel to end discussion of a “permanent ceasefire” off the table.
  • The complete withdrawal of most Israeli troops from Gaza.
  • Hamas releases Israeli reservists and some soldiers in exchange for Israel’s release of Palestinians from prison.


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  • Completing the exchange of bodies and starting the implementation of reconstruction according to the plan supervised by Qatar, Egypt and the United Nations.
  • – Ending the complete blockade of the Gaza Strip.

In the meantime:


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