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Idaho K-9 Training Conference comes to eastern Idaho –

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – During the week of May 6, 59 different K-9 officers and their partners will be in the Idaho Falls area learning new tricks. This is due to the Idaho K-9 Training Conference taking place in eastern Idaho this year.

These 59 agents represent 28 different agencies from across the Gem State. Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson talks about how these conferences are happening all over the state and their officers have been taken care of, so now it’s a chance to pay it all back.

“Other parts of the state have always been very friendly to our officers as they have traveled throughout the state and over the years. We want to pay that back to the things that the other agencies have done for us over the years. So it’s It’s nice that it’s our turn to have the people here,” Chief Johnson said.

Sheriff Sam Hulse echoes Chief Johnson’s words.

“It’s great to drive by and see all the cars from all the different sheriff’s offices and towns and the people who are here in town to train with us. It’s a great opportunity for them to receive top-notch training, hone their skills and to take that home to their communities,” said Sheriff Hulse.

Officer training activities will take place across the region, from Rexburg to Idaho Falls, so if you see a lot of officers in one place, look for these indicators before you get too concerned.

“You can see it, you see police cars from all over the state. You know, it’s not just Idaho Falls or Bonneville County. I saw Twin Falls, Boise, Ada County, there are about thirty counties in Idaho. Many cities. And so you have cars from all over the state… you have a few cars from the area and they’re probably together. He added that if the lights aren’t on, this should be another big giveaway that they’re not answering a call.

I spoke with a few K-9 officers from the Upper Valley who shared their excitement about participating in training so close to home.

“It’s nice to have someone local because we get to go home at the end of the day, which is nice not to be stuck in a hotel for a week. It’s also nice to meet other people from all over the world state and other states to our region to showcase what we have to offer. Bring trainers from around the country to our region to also help dogs in this area.

“We have a lot of opportunities to do some training with, you know, commercial vehicles and rooms and buildings and different things that we don’t often get the opportunity to do. So. And so we’re very excited about that (my dogs) is now barking outside. He wants to come in and get some training,” St. Anthony Police Officer Hunter Gregory said.

Officer Greenhalgh shares how a K-9 officer’s daily routine can change in an instant.

“Every day is different, especially as a K-9 officer. It’s a lot of fun. You get to run your dog through apartment complexes. You get to help other officers with traffic stops. We do a lot of PR with our dogs, so we do school demonstrations and community demonstrations. It’s always something new and it’s always something exciting,” she said.

Sheriff Hulse shares how the conference can model the example the agencies and community have set for multiple agencies around the world.

“We are an example to much of the nation in the way we support each other as law enforcement agencies and also in the way our community supports law enforcement. It’s a big deal if we can show what Eastern Idaho has to offer And I’m very proud of that and very proud of what we can do here,” said Sheriff Hulse.

The training will take place all week and the public is invited to attend a competition taking place Friday from 8 a.m. to noon at the Bonneville County Fairgrounds to see how these officers perform.