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St. Anthony has seen a rise in drug seizures thanks to the help of a new K-9 officer –

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho (KIFI) – On Wednesday, May 1, five pounds of meth were taken off the streets thanks to Officer Blue and Officer Hunter Gregory. Blue, a K-9 sniffer dog, has been part of the St. Anthony Police Department for the past two years.

Local News Eight was part of Blue’s story two years ago, you can find that coverage here.

Officer Gregory explains how he and Blue became part of the arrest.

“Myself and Officer Durkin were participants in this stop, and it is originally his stop. I was free that day. But I live in the city, so he recognized some indicators that he and I had training to recognize, drug dealing and various other things. And he recognized the many traffic stop requests that came in. And while he did his business at the traffic stop, I snooped around the vehicle, with our K-9 Blue. And he positively warned of the presence of the odor of narcotics,” Officer Gregory said.

After some coaxing, the drivers of the vehicle exited and an examination of the car revealed that there was five pounds of Meth in the vehicle. Officer Gregory says this recent arrest is just a great example of how Blue has helped the department.

“We’ve had a lot of success with him. So he’s helped us get a lot of drugs off the street that we just wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do without the dog,” Officer Gregory said. .

Before Blue came to St. Anthony, the nearest K-9 was in Rexburg or Ashton.

Blue and Gregory receive a lot of support in their department from their police chief, whose last name happens to be shared with Officer Blue.