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Twisties fans outraged by new ‘mix’ of the two most divided flavors: ‘A monstrosity’

By Carina Stathis for Daily Mail Australia

01:11 May 7, 2024, updated 01:17 May 7, 2024

Twisties has divided Australians after quietly introducing a new product that combines two of the most popular (and divisive) flavors in one bag.

The new Twisties Chickeese combines chicken and cheese flavors in the same package.

The decision has been labeled a ‘monstrosity’ by some; Others are enthusiastic and enthusiastic about the ‘groundbreaking’ idea.

The product has yet to officially hit shelves, but one customer managed to get a package and shared the news on Reddit. He claimed that Twisties were ‘officially ruined’.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Twisties about a launch date.

Twisties Chickeese (photo) combines the flavors of chicken and cheese in the same package
The decision has been labeled a ‘monstrosity’ by some, while others labeled it ‘groundbreaking’.

Many were outraged by the merger.

“What kind of monstrosity is this?” someone asked.

‘Uh. “Imagine biting into a Twistie and realizing it has a cheese flavor,” wrote another.

“I have a feeling they accidentally mixed a whole bunch together at the factory, or there’s a spot in production where loose but still edible Twisties all end up in the same place, and this is the marketing solution,” said someone.

Other foodies agreed with the decision.

‘It saves me having to buy two bags or having to choose. Now make a bag that includes Burger Rings and I’ll be even happier,” one person wrote.

“Not gonna lie, I’d love to try a pack,” said another.

‘I can’t wait to try them. Love me Twisties,” added another.

While dozens decried the merger, other fans agreed with the decision

Some said they had previously thought outside the box and combined the two flavors on their own.

“I’ve mixed them before, it’s going well,” someone said.

“We mixed them at recess when we were kids in the ’80s. How did it take so long for them to try it?” asked another.

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