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‘It got really crazy’: The designer of the template for Trump’s ‘Unified Reich’ video speaks out

Former President Donald Trump’s controversial “Unified Reich” 2024 ad — created by campaign aide Natalie Harp — actually originated in Turkey, according to a new report.

CNN recently reported that the ad used a template created over a year ago by Turkish graphic designer Enes Şimşek. It was made available on the video and video effects hub VideoHive, and Şimşek reportedly used language he copied from Wikipedia’s World War I article as placeholder text. That controversial placeholder text read: “German industrial strength and production had increased significantly after 1871, driven by the creation of a unified empire.”

“When I did this work, I never thought that one day such an event would happen,” Şimşek wrote in a message on his website. “I think (the Trump campaign) forgot to change some of the text when they edited the project. And things got very angry.”

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In an interview with CNN, Şimşek confirmed that he created the template, which he said he sold only 16 copies of for $21 USD each. Two other examples of the template’s use were reportedly a French-language video posted to Facebook and a music video posted to YouTube.

“I didn’t know that it is my power to change politics… I don’t know what’s crazier than that,” Şimşek told the channel. “Imagine your work shaking a country.”

Şimşek’s explanation appears to support the Trump campaign’s version of events, which stated that Harp simply overlooked the phrase “united Empire” when he posted the video to Trump’s Truth Social platform (the video was online for about twelve hours before it was finally deleted). . However, other text in the video is consistent with Trump’s public policy plans.

The New York Times noted that “one article in the video claims Mr. Trump would deport 15 million migrants in a second term,” echoing previous reporting on his plans to launch a massive immigrant detention and deportation program if he were to win the November elections. election. And the surveillance of the “united Empire” is not the first time the Trump campaign has used language reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s regime.

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Notably, Trump has not distanced himself from previous comments on the campaign trail in which he called his political opponents “vermin” and said immigrants — especially those “from Africa, Asia, all over the world” — were “poisoning the blood of our country.” As NBC News reported, this last comment is taken almost verbatim from Hitler’s Mein Kampf, in which he wrote that “all the great cultures of the past perished only because the original creative race became extinct from blood poisoning.”

After the release of the “United Empire” video, Biden campaign spokesman James Singer said that in the video Trump shows Americans “exactly what he plans to do when he regains power,” namely ” rule as a dictator over a united empire. ”

“Recreating Mein Kampf while warning of a bloodbath if you lose is the kind of riotous behavior you get from someone who knows that democracy continues to reject his extreme vision of chaos, division and violence,” Singer said.

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