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After 10 years, Disney World guests have finally made a dream come true

Walt Disney World is a place where our most magical dreams come true. Some of us, myself included, have that one Disney dream that we hope to make come true. For some it’s as lucrative as a wedding at the Grand Floridian, while for others it’s as easy as finding that one elusive Hidden Mickey. For one fan, receiving special recognition from Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World a Disney dream ten years in the making!

Monster's Inc.  Laugh FloorMonster's Inc.  Laugh Floor

Credit: Disney

Imagine waiting over a decade for a joke to be included in the stand-up portion of the hit live show at Walt Disney World! For one fan on Reddit, that’s exactly what they did, and luckily for them, it finally happened! @Sandy_Shark903 posted on Reddit the exciting news that after more than a decade of waiting, their prank was finally appearing in the show at Magic Kingdom.

After over a decade of trying, I finally got my joke on The Laugh Floor!
byu/sandy_shark903 inWaltDisneyWorld

“Since about 2013, I’ve been submitting my jokes while standing in line for the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Despite always enjoying the show and anticipating Marty’s jokes, my entry was never shared.

That was until yesterday, I attended the show and when I reached the pre-show I submitted my joke, followed by the automated message “signed” by Mike.

The show went on and was funny as always before Marty showed up. His voice was a little different this time (due to having a different actor). Once it started, I immediately rolled my eyes at the “put a little boogie in it” (I swear, they make this joke every time). But immediately I heard him say my name and house, followed by my joke.

You’re probably wondering what the joke in question is. It had to be quite a dinger to be included in the Disney Park attraction. Well, you’re right with your assumptions:

“Why did Goody hit Mickey Mouse with a dodgeball? Because Donald Duckd.”

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Despite the obvious dad jokes, the user seemed excited that their entry was finally included in the actual show at Magic Kingdom. To some, Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor a terrifying encounter (no one really wants to be ‘That Guy’). For these guests, however, the time spent at the Tomorrowland attraction, including their shenanigans, was well worth it.

More about Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

At Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom, a renowned attraction within the enchanting realm of Walt Disney World, guests are treated to a captivating and boisterous interactive experience like no other. This dynamic showcase showcases the beloved monsters from the iconic Monsters, Inc. (2001) franchise, bringing them to life in a live comedy setting that is both entertaining and unforgettable.

Upon entering the charmingly themed theater, visitors are welcomed into the colorful world of Monstropolis, where laughter reigns supreme. Every show at Monsters Inc. A delightful fusion of cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking humor, Laugh Floor offers a seamless blend of entertainment and innovation. The talented monsters on stage masterfully engage the audience with their witty banter, hilarious antics and quick improvisation skills, sending laughter resonating throughout the room.

Monsters Inc.  Laugh Floor magical kingdom attractionMonsters Inc.  Laugh Floor magical kingdom attraction

Credit: Disney

What Monsters Inc. What sets Laugh Floor apart is its interactive nature, with audience members encouraged to participate by submitting jokes and jokes in real time. The monsters cleverly incorporate these contributions into their acts, creating a personal and engaging experience for all attendees. This level of involvement not only keeps the audience entertained, but also fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie among guests.

The synergy between the animated characters and the live audience creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that is infectious. Laughter fills the theater as guests of all ages enjoy the playful energy of the show, making it a highlight of any visit to Magic Kingdom. The seamless integration of technology, comedy and audience participation makes Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor into a standout attraction that illustrates the magic of Disney storytelling at its best.

For a magical and laugh-out-loud experience that transcends traditional entertainment boundaries, look no further than Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom Park, a jewel in the crown of Walt Disney World’s captivating array of attractions.

Similar attractions in Disney World

Hanging out at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is fun; However, there are other similar attractions around Walt Disney World. If you’re enjoying your time with Mike and Roz in Tomorrowland, a trip to Animal Kingdom might be in order.

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Turtle Talk, featuring Crush Finding Nemo (2003), is a similar experience in which guests can actually talk to the famous, laid-back sea turtle from the hit Pixar film.

These types of attractions are fun because they insist on interaction by an individual audience member who is absorbed into the magic of Disney World. Likewise, during Star Tours at Hollywood Studios, one rider is always chosen as a spy!

monsters inc laughing floor boardmonsters inc laughing floor board

Credit: Matt Dempsey, Flickr

While some may not like being called out and being in the spotlight, others take the opportunity to delve deeper into their Disney theme park visit.