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Lake County mental health service provider Josselyn expands services – NBC Chicago

Citing a growing need for accessible mental health services, Josselyn, the longtime Lake County mental health provider, has expanded to provide assistance throughout the entire county.

Susan Resko, CEO and president of the community mental health center, said its clinics regularly serve 8,000 clients and receive over 1,000 calls every month.

“That pandemic has subsidized, but the need for mental health really has not,” Resko said.

Josselyn recently added more locations, making it easier for people in areas such as Waukegan, Grayslake and Highland Park to easily receive treatment.

“Our expansion is such a proud thing for us,” said Camilo Morales, clinical coordinator. “I’m so happy we’re able to reach out to so many people that we weren’t reaching out before.”

Morales explained Josselyn has a Spanish language option on its website and bilingual therapists like himself to assist those who primarily speak Spanish.

“They don’t have to explain what they’re going through because we’ve been there, we know what it is like,” he said.

Robert Robbins, a Josselyn client, said he lived on the street, bouncing from state to state, until one day he searched online for help and came upon the Josselyn Center.

“I didn’t know there was places I could get help, so I turned to hard drugs for a lot of years, about 10 years,” he said.

Robbins credited Josselyn’s wraparound services for his 11-years of sobriety as studies to become a certified recovery support specialist himself.

Chloe Brodner, assistant director of clinic services, explained that with more than 100 therapists on staff, Josselyn offers traditional therapy as well as an expressive arts program, which includes art, dance and music.

“So there’s lots of different ways that our services look,” she said.