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The countdown to the opening of the Daiso store begins

El Paso fans of Japanese lifestyle brand Daiso will be happy to know that the two stores that will call Sun City their new home will open soon!

Last month we learned that not just one, but two Daiso stores will open in El Paso; one on the east side and the other on the west side. Well, we know there’s an update on when the doors will open!

We still don’t know when the west side location will make its debut; but we know it will be located at the Sierra Court Shopping Center at 7410 Remcon Circle.

Daiso is a popular Japanese retail chain that sells a wide variety of household goods, kitchenware, stationery and other items at affordable prices. The company is known for its “100 yen store” concept in Japan, where most items are priced at 100 Japanese yen (equivalent to approximately 1 USD or less). Think of it a bit like a Five Below, which is also fairly new in El Paso.

Daiso store is coming to El Paso

Daiso USA via Facebook

Daiso stores are characterized by their bright and colorful interiors, neatly organized shelves and an extensive range of products that meet everyday needs. Over the years, Daiso has expanded its presence outside Japan and now operates stores in many countries around the world.

Daiso USA via Facebook

Daiso USA via Facebook

In addition to the standard product offering, Daiso often introduces seasonal and limited-time items, making every store visit a unique shopping experience. The company has gained a worldwide following for its value-for-money products and has become a favorite destination for shoppers looking for affordable and practical goods. It’s become quite big on social media lately, which of course has us all excited to finally get one in El Paso!

Daiso is coming to El Paso

Daiso USA via Facebook

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