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Michelle Shaughnessy – Random 8

One random comedian, eight random questions; it is the ultimate test of a funny person and destiny.

This week we look ahead to the Shrewsbury International Comedy Festival and meet Michelle Shaughnessy, who will be doing her show Too late, honey on July 14. It’s a kind of alternative life coaching, with a smile.

“I described my show as ‘a show for anyone who thinks it’s too late to achieve their dreams… because it probably is,’ the Canadian comedian confides. “It sounds pessimistic. But I really wanted to turn the negativity that I and many others sometimes feel into something relatable and funny. And I think I’ve done that with this show.”

Among the acts also coming to Shrewsbury from July 11 to 14 are Scott Bennett, Harriet Dyer, Tez Ilyas, Michael Odewale, Thanyia Moore, Josh Pugh and Janine Harouni, who will either do their own hours or appear at the big closing gala . Shaughnessy’s show is also on that last Sunday – a good place to spend one?

“I’ve never been to Shrewsbury before! I’m excited. I spend most Sundays in bed as long as possible and then cuddle with my dog. Sunday is my nothing day. Not always, but I try! I could do the worst make life coach ever.”

We can certainly imagine worse. Michelle Shaughnessy, your random 8 are waiting for you.

Who is (or was) your most interesting relative?

Ouch, this is hard. Probably my mother’s mother. My grandmother. I’m slowly learning more about her now that I live in England because that’s where she’s from. And I happened to live in the neighborhood where she lived as a child. I only found out after I lived here for a year.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Sales from office to door. I lasted eight minutes.

Who is the most interesting person you have ever met?

Henry Winkler. Not only interesting, but SO FRIENDLY. I met him and his wife and they were so friendly and compassionate.

Your most memorable injury?

I hit my head a lot. BUT once I stuck my hand in a clogged juicer without turning it off and my finger got completely jagged. They couldn’t stitch it up because it wasn’t one cut but a hundred little pieces, so it actually looked worse than it was. If I showed you the picture of it, you would swear my finger grew back.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

Oh, I have no idea! But I sure hope I’m not the weirdest thing anyone has ever seen.

What movie would you have liked to have been in, and what part?

Miranda Priestly in The devil wears Prada.

When I was younger I would have said I wanted to be Andi (Anne Hathaway’s character), but as I get older I realize how bad Miranda Priestly is.

You don’t really think of fashion as a male-dominated industry, but as the most important positions in fashion Are actually in the hands of men. She worked her way up to one of the most coveted and desirable roles in fashion. While juggling a personal life that, as we see in the film, is falling apart. Yet she does not give up her career to save her marriage. Badass.

What place you visited was the biggest anti-climax?

The first time I went to Paris I hated it. But there was a garbage strike. I thought it was so gross, but I’ve gone back several times since and loved it.

When were you most ashamed?

I live in a constant state of shame.

Michelle Shaughnessy: Too late, honey is at Rad Beer, part of the Shrewsbury International Comedy Festival, on July 14. Tickets