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Part 3 – The Return of the Furries; the byproduct of the Nephilims-Genesis 6 conspiracy |

Note- Dressing up as a character or animal isn’t bad, just don’t idolize the character, that’s all. This thread is not bashing furries in any way.

This will be a short thread that gets straight to the point, rushed and not deeply detailed. Anyway, I often say that the Elites put things in plain sight and prepare/condition us for what is to come; that’s exactly what you see in this Mountain Dew Commercial showing the furries/hybrids

Today we will talk a little about the furries/hybrids, this information can only be found in the deleted books of the Bible that the Elites have suppressed for years, but many people are waking up and seeing the truth.
As many of you may know from my last post, the Furries or Hybrids animal people were the byproduct of the Nephilims. I have told you that all these things we are seeing now are not new. This is all from the period before the great flood. The Bible tells us that we will see everything they did back then come into play again, even though we may be dead and long gone before these things come into play again. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun because everything has been done before, and Jesus says the last days will be like the days of Noah. The future of humanity will see everything that Noah’s generation saw; Super advanced technology, genetic engineering, Nephilim/Giants, demigods/Nephilims and the hybrids before God destroys the world again.
Now I remember researching this and thinking could I be the only one who thought this, let’s just say there are more people who think the same thing. The crazy thing A person told his mother that he was a hairy and she responded by calling the person a Nephilim, so it seems that some older generations knew this knowledge long before the internet. Anyway, here’s what I came up with from other people












This will all make even more sense when I post the thread about the hieroglyphics, then you will all see it for sure