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Video shows fatal shooting outside Miami Gardens library – NBC 6 South Florida

Surveillance video obtained by NBC6 shows the moments police say a woman chases and shoots another in the head outside a Miami Gardens library in broad daylight.

In October, officials said officers responded to the North Dade Regional Library in the 2400 block of Northwest 183rd Street after receiving reports of a woman shot.

The library’s surveillance video, which normally captures the parking lot, shows two women running around a red SUV.

The victim, dressed in green, is seen crouching and circling a vehicle as he tries to get away from Joyce Small.

However, Small continues to follow her and eventually catches up with her. Police said Small shot the woman, who has not yet been identified, in the head.

After the shooting, Small can be seen calmly walking away. Minutes later, bystanders noticed the body and a crowd formed. The police eventually arrived on the scene.

After Small was taken into custody, she told officers she threw the gun into a corner, where the weapon was found, the report said.

Small also told officers that she knew the victim from the area as homeless and that she would help the victim from time to time by letting her sleep, shower and eat in her home, the report said.

Small said she began to believe the victim was dating her boyfriend. She said she began spying on her boyfriend and found him with his wife, but not the victim, the report said.

Small also stated that the victim began abusing her for months and “beating her up,” the report said.

When Small saw the victim in the library, “she believed the victim was deliberately agitating her,” the report said.

Small’s private attorney did not respond to our request for comment. The defendant, charged with first-degree murder, is being held without bond.