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Ronen Bergman and staff of NYT win Pulitzer for coverage of Gaza war

Ronen Bergman, Ynet, Yediot Ahronoth and New York Times journalist, won the Pulitzer Prize together with staff members of the American newspaper, the prize committee announced on Monday. The award, the most prestigious in the world of journalism, was given for coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas in the international reporting category.

Among the articles and investigations for which they won the prize are investigations dealing with the flow of Qatari funds to Hamas, the intelligence failure that preceded the October 7 massacre, the attack in Kibbutz Be’eri, and reports on the war from inside Gaza.

The head of the Times office in Jerusalem, Patrick Kingsley, and another Israeli journalist, Natan Odenheimer, were part of the team that received the award. Last year, a team from the New York Times won in the same category for its coverage of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Only one Israeli has won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism: photographer Oded Balilty, in 2007 in the news photography category. Two other Israelis won the Pulitzer in other fields – non-fiction writing (Shaul Friedlander) and music (Shulamit Ran).

Bergman, 51, has been a magazine reporter and commentator on security and intelligence matters for Yediot Ahronoth and Ynet for about 25 years, and in recent years he has been on the editorial staff of the New York Times. Throughout his career he also published in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Der Spiegel and other major media outlets.

Bergman, who won the Sokolov Prize in 2017, has published five non-fiction books in Hebrew. In 2018, his book dealing with the history of Israel’s targeted killings was published in English.

In February, Bergman and the New York Times staff were announced as winners of the George Polk Journalism Award.

Reuters won a Pulitzer Prize on Monday in the breaking news photography category for images of the Israel-Hamas conflict.