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Helldivers 2 needs to add some immersive and fun feature to the ship to make the time between missions worth it

Helldivers 2 is as exciting as it is fun, and this is why it is so popular and has a huge community. The updates have added something new each time that kept players engaged, but something seems to be missing as the number of players has dropped.

This means Arrowhead Game Studios needs to do something to get players interested again, and one player has an idea for a feature the developer could add to the game. This requested feature allows players to have fun between missions before starting the next one.

Helldivers 2 Should Include This Feature Fan Suggests and Must Do It Now Helldivers 2 players want arcade basketball in the ship’s hangar.

Helldivers 2 has seen a loss in player count, and several players have also postponed completing large orders, which is not a good sign for the game.