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Activision has reportedly ditched Tony Hawk 3+4 for more Call Of Duty

At one time, developer Vicarious Visions was working on a sequel to 2020’s excellent remake collection, Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1+2. The project would consist of remakes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and 4, which would have been dope. Unfortunately, according to a new investigation by YouTuber Liam Robertson of DidYouKnowGaming, the project was reportedly rejected by Activision so that the team, which was renamed Blizzard Albany in 2021, could focus on Duty.

Robertson uploaded an hour-long video to his DidYouKnowGaming channel on May 4. The video delves deep into a long lost past Donkey Kong 3D platformer that Vicarious Visions was reportedly (surprisingly!) working on, but is evolving into a layered overview of projects at Activision’s studio that have been canceled, rejected, or shelved. One of those projects was a full remake collection consisting of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1, 2, 3 and 4, which would have brought together all four skate games into one stunning collection. As you know, only two of those games were remade and released as Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1+2, which was released in 2020 and saw commercial and critical success. Robertson’s sources connected to the project, who spoke anonymously, said the size was ultimately reduced.

“During the initial discussions about the project, the team initially wanted their remake collection to not only consist of: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2But 3 and 4 as well,” Vicarious Visions sources told Robertson. “Ultimately this was considered too ambitious and the proposal was scaled back to the original two titles. A former developer explained Activision’s decision this way: “We decided to add some controls from the later games to reflect the way people remember the old ones. THPS games. Some improvements from (THPS) 3 seemed to bleed into people’s memories of the first two. Eventually it became clear that we didn’t have time for more than that 1+2so the idea that we would go ahead and let go 3+4 was somehow on the table. ”

Robertson said that was part of the reason why Activision bowed out Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3+4 was because it wanted Vicarious Visions to provide additional work Dutysomething the studio had done with the 2016 one Infinite Warfare. Another part of the reason was the eventual merger in 2021, which saw Activision absorb Vicarious Visions, change the name to Blizzard Albany and prompt the team to move from Diablo II remake of other Activision projects, namely more Duty and optionally, Diablo IV.

“(Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1+2) was set for release in September 2020 to universal critical acclaim and was a major commercial hit,” said Robertson. “It became the fastest-selling game in the franchise and was cited in their 2020 investor briefing as a major revenue generator for Activision. Around the launch there was a brief glimmer of hope that Vicarious Visions could realize their ambition of innovation Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and 4. A pitch for such a project was presented to Activision’s head shortly after the first two were finished and they refused to greenlight it, again telling the studio that they wanted them to focus on supplementing their larger franchises.

This all seems to be in line with what the Birdman himself has said about the project. In June 2022, Tony Hawk explained that it was always the plan to release THPS 3+4but everything came to an abrupt halt when Activision acquired Vicarious Visions.

“I mean, that was the plan, you know, even up until the release date of (THPS1+2) we were going 3+4,” Hawk said during a Neversoft Twitch stream. “Then Vicarious got a bit absorbed and they started looking for other developers, and then it was over.”

Kotaku reached out to Activision for comment.

This is very annoying, because Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1+2 were exceptional games that recaptured the atmosphere of the first two entries – now over twenty years old – while modernizing them in ways that made them more accessible to new audiences. It came after the disastrous 2015 release Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, and following up on that terrible game was no easy feat, so I thought this remastered collection would have breathed new life into the franchise as a whole. But at this point, we can only hope that Activision tries to revive it at some point in the future.