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Three bodies found in Mexico, identified as two Australians and one American, killed in attempted carjacking

The bodies discovered in a hard-to-reach well near Ensenda were those of two missing Australians and an American, Baja state prosecutors said, citing family identification.

According to NBC news, the remains of three missing surfers were discovered in a remote well near the Mexican fishing port of Ensenada. The three men, at least two of whom were San Diego residents, were on a planned surfing trip last week but were reported missing after not returning to their Airbnb on the evening of April 24.e.

The Ensenada medical examiner’s office said Friday that the three victims died of gunshot wounds to the head.

At a news conference Sunday, prosecutors said the motive was carjacking and that the attackers may have been particularly focused on the wheels of the pickup truck used by the missing surfers.

Photo: NBC News / From left to right: Jack Carter Rhoad, Jake Robinson and Callum Robinson.

The three found themselves in a makeshift encampment during a fishing and surfing trip south of Ensenada, where the Baja coast is quickly becoming remote and full of surprises for surfers looking for relatively rare rides.

Prosecutors said they found the trio’s encampment, including tents, spent rifle shells, bloodstains and marks indicating the bodies had been dragged.

Three people were questioned in connection with the case, authorities said. Two of the three, a man and a woman, were being held on methamphetamine charges, they said, and a kidnapping warrant had been issued for the third.

Our deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims.

Photo: NBC News / Surfers take part in a paddle-out ceremony at San Miguel Beach in Ensenada, Mexico, on Sunday.

This is a sobering reminder of the dangers of visiting the less traveled areas of Mexico. Considered by many Californians and U.S. citizens as an inviting, tropical destination for a relaxing vacation in a proximal and accessible location, many parts of Baja California are overtly dangerous and often exhibit violent crimes. Be sure to do the necessary research and take precautions if you plan to venture south of the border.


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