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“Just open it to Xbox players”: Helldivers 2 is losing players at an alarming rate and there’s only 1 fix

Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2 quickly became a phenomenon in the gaming industry, but three months after its release, it seems like the game isn’t exciting enough to keep players hooked as more and more players have stopped playing the game. There are several reasons behind this, including Sony’s PSN account linking the policy implementation and the lack of innovative equipment, weapons or trickery.

Hell divers 2

Arrowhead has finally realized that players have been clamoring to see new items in the game, so the reward for completing the new Major Order is a new form of Exosuit. There is another way to save the game that players have suggested: an Xbox release, but it’s hard to see this becoming a reality. Sony protects its assets very well and giving Microsoft the opportunity to release a profitable game like Helldivers is definitely not their style.

Gamers suggest…