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Neve Campbell Discusses Pay Dispute and Return to ‘Scream’

After announcing her departure from the Scream franchise in 2022 due to a pay dispute, Neve Campbell has explained how they convinced her to return Scream 7.

Campbell refused to participate Scream 6, which was a difficult decision for the actor, as the role has been a constant in her life for decades. However, she felt it necessary not to roll over and accept a lower fee than what she considers her value.

While it was bold for Campbell to walk away from the franchise she is intrinsically linked to, it was to the benefit of her career and she warned the rest of Hollywood that she would not be walked over.

She told People in 2022, “I didn’t feel like what was being offered to me equaled the value that I’ve been bringing and adding to this franchise for 25 years.”

Campbell continued: “And as a woman in this industry, I think it’s really important that we are valued and fight to be valued. I honestly don’t believe that if I were a man and had done five installments of a huge blockbuster franchise in 25 years, the song that was offered to me would be the song that would be offered to a man.

The actor then explained how she was unable to agree to the ridiculous offer in her “soul” and walked onto the set feeling “undervalued and feeling the unfairness.”

After holding her own, Campbell returns for Scream 7 and reveals how the negotiations this time around were a piece of cake compared to the previous film. “I have lived with Sidney for 30 years and I am very grateful to be able to get back into it,” she told the same publication.

“When they first approached me (for Scream 7), I thought, “I don’t know what being respectful to them looks like. We could be in very different places.” But they started in a strong place, so that was great,” Campbell noted.

“It feels nice to have brought that into the world, that you have been listened to and that you have made a difference in that way. I hope other people get that opportunity too,” she added.

No release date has been given for the upcoming game yet Scream film, but will be directed by Kevin Williamson, who previously wrote three films in the franchise’s storied history.

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