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FROM Season 3 premiere date: A May 2024 update

FROM season 2
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With us now almost a week into May 2024, why don’t we delve further into it BY season 3 over at MGM+? We really want him back soon! The first two seasons were intense, incredible, and featured one of Harold Perrineau’s best performances to date.

Now you may have heard that the plan is for season 3 to premiere this fall; Filming has already started for a while and with that filming will increasingly shift into the post-production part of the process. How can it not? This will take some time, especially since there are some effects that need to be added behind the scenes.

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The bad news is that we’ll probably have to wait until June or July for more definitive details on a premiere date. If MGM+ wanted to give us that, they would have done so when they announced the fall season. More than likely we’re just too far away at this point and they’re not even sure they know at this point. There will be more time to dive into it, so don’t be afraid when it comes down to it – the same goes for further teasers and/or trailers.

Do we think season 3 will give us all the answers about the community and/or all the crazy things that happen there? Hardly. The only thing we want answers to in the near future is this: where exactly is Tabitha, and is she really in a safer place? It may feel that way based on the closing minutes of Season 2, but we’ve also stopped trusting everything we see on this show at first glance.

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What are you most excited about right now when it comes to BY season 3 over at MGM+?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.