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By turning down marriage proposals to pursue a master’s degree abroad, this woman is certainly a role model

In a recent post, a woman proudly shared her inspiring journey to becoming the first in her family to earn a master’s degree. In a heartfelt post on LinkedIn, despite being the youngest of four siblings, Aishwarya Taukari defied convention and left her hometown to pursue higher education. Not only did she get a degree, she built a successful career and ventured to a foreign country.

“Last week I became the first in my family to earn a master’s degree. I am now confident that I will not be the last. The youngest of 4 children. “I am the first woman to leave my hometown, go to college, get a degree, build a career, go into an office and move to another country,” she wrote.

Aishwarya’s journey has not all been smooth sailing. From playing cricket with the neighborhood boys to bravely rejecting early marriage proposals, she defied societal norms from the start. Influencing her family to support her educational pursuits, she began internships away from home at the age of 19 and moved to the busiest metropolises at the age of 21. Undeterred by skepticism, she took up the challenge of studying at one of the most difficult communication schools. even when “many at home believed it was all too out of reach for small-town girls.”

As a culmination of her professional career, she flourished at a leading PR agency before taking a 2.5 year hiatus to volunteer and live life on her own terms. She then decided to continue studying abroad ‘as a working woman with two jobs’. Even when she was told that her past experiences didn’t matter, Aishwarya didn’t give up. She was ready to “adapt, change and reinvent.” in a new market.”

“To be the first to do something, anywhere, is very scary. Being first doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It is not an overnight journey that is without any hiccups, wrong choices and U-turns. God knows I made a LOT of mistakes along the way,” she further wrote.


“It simply means that you take small steps from day to day that often go unnoticed. It means moving the needle slowly and steadily so that someone else in your family doesn’t have to fight as hard as you do,” she added.

Aishwarya wrapped her post with a motivational message: “Keep pushing. One day it will all come together and even if it didn’t, you would still be a little bit stronger than you were yesterday.”

Her post caused a whirlwind of comments online, with users expressing their admiration. One user exclaimed: “Super amazing and inspiring! Congratulations, Aishwarya Taukari,” while another cheered, “Smaaassshhh Macha! Just the beginning. Fly high, shine bright Godspeed Jedi!”

“I want to share it with my family group because I’m in the same boat, I think we’re all in there somewhere. Tysm for posting this,” another chimed in.

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