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Homeowners in Fort Worth could pay 9% more to repair city roads

Public art descends over North Beach Street in far north Fort Worth. The city is considering paying a monthly contribution for street maintenance.

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Homeowners could pay as much as 9% more on their monthly water bills if Fort Worth implements a new fee to help maintain the city’s roads.

According to a recently released city report, the average homeowner in Fort Worth pays $98.62 per month for city services such as water, sewer and trash. The city plans to spend an additional $9.22 per month on road repairs.

Without the fee, the city would struggle to maintain its approximately 8,000 miles of roads as its population grows to a projected 1.2 million residents by 2045.

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Fort Worth had budgeted $28.3 million for road maintenance in 2023. That’s $66.1 million less than needed, according to city data.

Currently, Fort Worth uses property taxes to maintain its streets. The city’s Transportation and Public Works departments take up a large portion of the city’s budget, after the police and fire departments.

Of the ten largest cities in Texas, Fort Worth charges the second lowest when it comes to fees for city services such as water, sewer, trash and stormwater. There are no costs for street maintenance. The proposed fee would be the second lowest, with only Corpus Cristri having a lower street maintenance fee.

The proposed fee, first proposed in early March, was scaled back by some City Council members over concerns about the impact on low-income residents.

However, city staff warned that replacing crumbling streets will be more expensive for Fort Worth in the long run than making necessary repairs.

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