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Jewel wore two dresses that looked like works of art during the preview of her art show

During the Jewel Art Exhibit Preview, she wore two exceptional outfits that captured everyone’s attention and love for her.


On Friday evening, May 3, at the Crystal Bridge Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark., Jewel read and presented two exceptional outfits during a preview of Jewel’s new exhibition The Portal, An Art Experience by Jewel.

The “Foolish Games” singer wore a second outfit to the dinner while performing “Over the Rainbow” on stage.

She then auctioned off a small sculpture, four guitars and two custom songs. It was sold at auction for $1.25 million, which he donated to the museum.

She was wearing a white dress, like that dress, there were some white wings attached to it, the grains looked like butterfly wings and sometimes they looked like little feathers. This dress gave her a different look

Casey Curran designed this dress, she made it in a very unique way and she shared a video of the making on Instagram.

He was very happy to share the outfit and captioned the video as he shared the outfit: “So excited to finally share this piece worn by the unbreakable and ever illustrious @jewel for her amazing exhibition The Portal @crystalbridgesmuseum”

Jewel’s first dress was made by Iris Van Harpen. A nude slip featured an intricately sculpted silver design.

Jewel said: “I am a fan of this artist’s work – both wearable and non-wearable – because of my use of traditional media and new technology. I wanted both outfits to evoke the intersection of technology and art and designers Iris van Herpen and Casey both represent this. I reached out to Casey on IG and he was kind enough to create this piece for me.