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5 Best Free Update Drivers for Windows

JAKARTA – Unconfigured drivers that have not been properly configured for a long time are often the main cause of Windows crashes. Then why not use an updater driver for Windows and reduce the annoyance?

Make your life easier with this best updater driver software.

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a program that allows you to find, install and manage your drivers. Available in three versions, but only two will be relevant to you.

The first version is a completely free Lite. This version can search for your computer’s driver and somehow detect missing, outdated or unsuitable versions. If an old driver is detected, you can install it manually. However, it will be slower than if the software installs the driver for you.

The Pro version of Driver Easy offers a number of additional features, such as faster download speeds, free technical support and automatic system backups. The most interesting thing is that the Pro version installs the drivers on your machine one by one, so you don’t have to do it yourself. You can even download and install all problem drivers with just one click.

Booster driver

Booster drivers appear with two separate plans. The free version has a driver database that is said to contain over three and a half million and allows you to update or install the driver with just one click. There’s no manual installation here, even in this free version of the software, and installing the driver is quick enough too.

The Pro version of Driver Booster also has advantages. You’ll find improved download speeds and an extensive driver database of over four and a half million. Other premium features include automatic updates and backups, offline driver installations, game components, hardware fixes, and technical support.

Bit driver updater

Bit Driver Updater is another solid option to prevent Windows crashes due to unconfigured drivers. Like other options, you can choose between Free and Pro versions.

The free version gives you access to most features. Bit Driver Updater can scan your computer for driver problems with just one click. From there you can verify the driver information and install them one by one. It also automatically backs up any existing drivers prior to this process, a useful feature that doesn’t exist in some other free versions on this list.

The Pro version has several additional features, including faster download speeds, larger driver databases and backups, as well as one-click driver installations. However, be careful if you choose to purchase Pro versions; Bit Guardian tries to include ad blocking software with your purchase.

Genius driver

Unlike the others, Driver Genius has three different versions of the software. The free version allows you to update an outdated driver with one click, even if it is only for a limited period of time. You can also backup the driver easily.

This software also includes several other features such as cleaning unused drivers and detecting hardware information. It runs quickly, although in our tests this software missed several drivers that were not found by other programs on this list.

Snappy driver installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin (SDIO) is a branch version of the original Snappy Driver Uninstaller. It allows you to update the driver online and offline by downloading the entire Snappy Driver collection to USB drives.

SDIO is a free and portable utility with no download limits or speed limits. In Expert mode you can filter the results to show drivers you find in uninstalled driver packages, newer, longer or more suitable.

Although the SDIO user interface is confusing, it is still a useful tool for installing compatible drivers for older hardware that cannot be found on manufacturer websites.

You can also update the driver using your own device manager app. Depending on your laptop manufacturer, you can use the Lenovo Vantage, HP Support Assistant, or Dell Command Update app to find the latest driver updates.

We recommend that you continually update your PC software and drivers, but this is not always necessary and often a troubleshooting step. Some driver update software can even update drivers that have no issues and cause other problems.

You can download important driver and system updates from Windows Update or from the standard device manager app. If you still need to use the driver updater, it might be better to just search for the driver you need instead of doing a mass update.

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