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The son of a country legend is fighting for his life. Here’s the latest

Ernie Lynn is back in the hospital this week as he continues to fight for his life against kidney failure.

The son of late country music legend Loretta Lynn underwent a procedure Friday — his second of the week according to his wife Crystal Lynn — as doctors continue to try to find the cause of his latest health problems.


“Please keep my husband (and those treating him) in your prayers as they go back to perform another procedure on him,” Crystal Lynn wrote on Facebook on Friday. “Thank you everyone. God bless you all.”

There have been no updates since then.

It’s been a scary week for the Lynn family.

Ernie Lynn spent much of 2024 fighting for his life. His family announced in early January that he was in hospital for a “critical” operation while battling kidney failure. Things didn’t look good for the 69-year-old at the time, but he made a miraculous turnaround and was able to return home, where he appeared to be gaining some momentum in recent months.

That changed this week when his wife Crystal announced on Facebook that Ernie was going back to the hospital and had to undergo a procedure Wednesday morning to find out what was wrong with him physically.

She returned to Facebook on Thursday evening with an update and to ask people to keep praying.

“We really don’t have any definitive answers about what is going on with Ernie’s health right now, but they are doing their best to take stock and figure things out,” she wrote. “There are more tests ahead. We thank you all for your support and appreciate your continued prayers. Thank you all, God bless…”

Crystal explained in her post on Tuesday that her husband had been in and out of the hospital over the past week.

“More problems have arisen, and while it is ‘pretty routine’ for doctors, it is very scary for us,” she wrote. “We only have one Ernie…. One husband… One father… One uncle… One Pop-Pop.”

Crystal wrote that she and Ernie’s family are scared.

“We CAN’T lose him…” she wrote. “However, he cannot stay sick and leave things as they are… There are risks no matter what we do, and that is why I am here once again to ask for your prayers and positive energy.”

Crystal discussed their belief in the power of prayer and noted that Ernie will undergo an “exploratory procedure” on Wednesday morning “to see what is causing the problems he is experiencing.”

“We are concerned about the possibility that this could become quite serious quite quickly,” she wrote. “However, it would be more serious if we ignored it.”

Crystal again cited their faith in prayer, writing that she believes that “After this, Ernie will be approved for a successful kidney transplant and live a life full of love, happiness and excellent health for MANY MORE YEARS!! ”

Things weren’t looking good for Ernie, but late in the month Crystal shared a great update on Facebook. Ernie went home to heal.

“I have no other explanation for it than GOD,” she wrote on Facebook.

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