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Where is the new Black Noir?

The boys season 4
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The boys season 4 is coming in just over a month, and it is So a lot to get us excited about. How can we not be? There is action, drama, lots of humor and new faces.

Then there is a mixture of both old ones And new faces. The Black Noir questions are already there. After all, the original version of the character is gone: Homelander killed him at the end of last season and Irving isn’t coming back.

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That said, Nate Mitchell is still coming back, and he is still I’m going to play Black Noir! This wasn’t mentioned in the trailer, but there’s a new man living in the suit and he’ll have his own unique personality. The public will never know the distance, but the Seven? That’s a completely different story.

While we can’t say if the new Noir will be a central figure in many of the upcoming episodes, don’t be shocked if he still has at least a role to play. After all, there must be opportunities to see the difference between old and new, and we also want to know where this specific man was found.

Beyond the ‘new’ Noir

New characters will also appear in Firecracker and Sage in the upcoming season. You saw more of the former than the latter in the recent trailer, and it’s already clear that she’s hosting some sort of cable news show. She could also easily be in Homelander’s pocket as he is looking for a lot of people to blindly support him.

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What do you think we’ll see from Black Noir? The boys season 4?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.