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Thanks to Nike’s huge sale you can get up to 50% off shoes – here are 7 deals I’d buy right now

Not long ago, I had to officially say goodbye to my favorite pair of sneakers – the Nike React Infinity 3 – due to cracks in the toe box, a flattened foam sole and stains that wouldn’t come out (even after an OxiClean bath). Finding a good replacement has proven futile so far, especially since I refuse to pay full price. Technically a running shoe, these supportive, cushioned sneakers were my go-to for everything from strength training to HIIT cardio training, protecting my actual running shoes from extra wear and tear. Luckily, Nike has a plethora of options that meet my multi-functional needs.

That’s why I checked the clearance section regularly. And now you can get up to 50% off a range of footwear at Nike, from running shoes to trainers and streetwear styles. While I haven’t found anything for myself yet, there are seven very tempting good shoe deals worth buying, all listed below. The deals even include one of the best Nike running shoes we tested.

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