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Meek Mill claims he doesn’t believe in hell after unfollowing Diddy

Meek Mill has really flexed his Twitter fingers in 2024. The rapper has had heated arguments with other rappers and defended (or at least tried to defend) his close relationship with the disgraced Diddy. Most of these social media encounters have not gone his way. However, he decided to unfollow Diddy on Instagram after footage of the mogul attacking Cassie surfaced on CNN. Meek had apparently had enough. The rapper from Philadelphia then decided to share his thoughts about the afterlife via X (formerly Twitter).

Meek Mill, who used to pray on his song “Times Like This,” doesn’t believe in organized religion. He told his followers this on May 21. He also revealed that he has been a nonbeliever since he was a teenager. “I have no religion because of the simple facts of racism and judgment and now war,” he wrote. “I decided at 15 that I had to live in treacherous conditions.” Although surprising, Meek’s tweet made sense given his difficult life experiences.

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Meek Mill claims he has no religion

It was the rest of the tweet that made things confusing. Despite claiming to have no religion, the rapper claimed he still believed in God. He just didn’t believe in the dark aspects of religion, like hell. “I strongly believed in God,” he claimed. “He answered every prayer. I don’t believe in hell and I don’t need one because my heart is gold.” Meek Mill’s decision to choose which aspects of spirituality he believes in is certainly a choice, but it is in line with the rapper’s admirable attempt to lead by example.

Meek spoke about the importance of positivity in January. “As a gangsta you can get hurt, go to jail or get killed,” he tweeted. “Being smart will get you out of poverty and your family and friends will live a better life… It’s not a comparison, being smart is the only solid way out of the trenches… anything else is a big life risk , just to survive.” Meek has continued to pick fights with other celebrities since this tweet, but the sentiment remains solid. As the old saying goes, do what he says, not what he does.

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