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Two more Israeli victims from October 7 declared dead – J-Wire

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Two more Israeli victims of the October 7 Hamas massacre were declared dead late last week: Elyakim Libman, 23, a security guard at the Nova dance music festival who was believed to have been taken hostage but whose body was found on Israeli territory, and Dror Or, 49 , who was kidnapped from Kibbutz Be’eri to Gaza.

Elyakim Libman, 23, security guard at the Nova dance music festival killed by Hamas during the attack on southern Israel on October 7, 2023. Source: X/Yesha Council.

The Israeli military announced the discovery of Libman’s remains on May 3. According to Israeli media reports, they were accidentally buried along with those of other Nova victims. The military said his death was determined based on “findings identified following a complex investigation” conducted by the IDF, the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Libman’s family said Elyakim stayed behind for hours on October 7 to treat other injured people until he himself was killed. Hamas terrorists killed more than 360 people at the Nova festival.

“Together with the Libman family and all of Israel, we are pained and mourn the news of the death of Elyakim Libman…assassinated on Simchat Torah (October 7). Elyakim fought heroically against the evil killers to the end and saved dozens of lives. We have prayed for his return during this long and unbearably difficult period,” said Shlomo Ne’eman, chairman of the Yesha council.

“We extend our condolences to our friends Eliyahu Libman, the former head of the Kiryat Arba Regional Council and members of his family, including the outgoing CEO of the Yesha Council, Shira Libman, Elyakim’s aunt,” the statement continued.

His confirmed death on Israeli soil reduces the official number of people abducted to Gaza on October 7 to 252 and the number of hostages remaining there to 132, of whom 128 were kidnapped on October 7. Four Israelis – two soldiers and two civilians – have been held by Hamas since 2014.

Dror Or

Or was captured along with two of his children – Alma, 13, and Noam, 17 – by Hamas terrorists during the hours-long attack on the northwestern Negev. He was killed during the attack and his body was taken to Gaza where it is being held, an Israeli official confirmed on May 2.

His wife, Yonat, was also murdered on October 7. Alma and Noam were released in November as part of a ceasefire. A third child, Yahli, was away from the kibbutz on that date and was spared. The three children are now orphans.