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“If I Don’t Get Nine Hours of Sleep…”: New Dad Chris Bumstead Shares a Revealing Revelation About Body Growth

Fans can trust Chris Bumstead to speak out about his struggles in life. The newborn’s father, Bradley Bumstead, Cbum has been struggling with his daily routine lately. However, he gained some insights into how sleep could help him grow his physique just in time for the Olympia.

In a hilarious video compilation, the five-time Classic Physique winner compared the baby’s life to his own and how his need for sleep was justified. The film on Instagram included several clips of Bumstead taking naps in different locations, except for one where he was flexing for the camera.

The video was meant to show how he didn’t spend all day training and practicing his poses. Instead, he often indulged in snooze sessions at home or outside, as long as he had a comfortable chair.

“’Damn, you gotta train all the time!’

However, he had reasons to support his hilarious habit of falling asleep regularly, and he justified it with the help of his daughter. Just like any other new parent, Bumstead seems to be going through a phase where he hasn’t been able to keep up with his baby’s growth spurts. But unlike him, Bradley doesn’t participate in toddler training.

So what’s the secret to the baby’s incredibly fast growth? Papa Bumstead suggests it might have something to do with the fact that she sleeps more than 18 hours a day. Considering he also can’t function without at least nine hours in his sofa bed, this theory might have some weight.

“Honestly, if I don’t get 9 hours of sleep, I can’t function…
Bradley has been sleeping for about 18 hours and she’s growing faster than me, maybe I should try that…”

The post clearly pointed to a satirical slice of life from his bodybuilding journey. However, one wonders if there is any truth to the bogus theory that the Classic Physique icon presented.

Could recovery play a role in Chris Bumstead’s aesthetic physique?

Bumstead’s continued dedication to the sport is not unknown to the masses at this point, what with his five consecutive titles and a custom home gym built for his tunnel vision. Fans also know how he takes his mobility seriously by constantly, albeit with complaints, working on his ‘old man knees’.

But as his admission of sleeping for at least nine hours is now making the rounds on the internet, it’s food for thought. Several bodybuilding icons, including Mike Mentzer and even Dr. Mike Israetel, discussed the role of recovery in muscle growth. And what is sleep other than the ultimate form of recovery for the body? Although there is no known evidence to support this theory, it could be one of the factors contributing to Bumstead’s ideal physique.