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Man and woman save Hauraki’s stray dogs

A husband-and-wife team who have taken in 70 children over the age of 18 are now finding safe homes for the stray dogs of the Hauraki Plains.

Chris and Darren Hannah are animal control officers for Hauraki District Council and are determined that no dogs will be destroyed under their watch unless they are dangerous.

The couple can see the similarities between their old life and their new life.

“It’s the simple things that help them learn to be safe again and learn to trust again,” says Chris.

One of Chris’s success stories was rescuing Toa, who she found ‘terrified’ in the bushes along State Highway 25.

“We sat in those bushes for a good half hour or so.”

They still visit Toa with his new owners and eventually became “very good friends”.

Last year the duo adopted 47 dogs – an adoption rate of 100%.

“So far so good.”

Watch how the duo gives stray dogs a second chance in the feel-good video above.