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College protests updates: Police arrest dozens at Art Institute of Chicago

Authorities arrested 25 protesters at the University of Virginia for trespassing on Saturday, according to the university’s communications office.

The school said it was still awaiting confirmation on how many of those arrested were affiliated with UVA.

Approximately 50 people were arrested, including some students, at The Art Institute of Chicago on Saturday, according to a spokesperson from the museum.

“Today, a group of individuals, including some SAIC students, started a protest in the museum’s North Garden, and as it progressed, protesters surrounded and shoved a security officer and stole their keys to the museum, blocked emergency exits, and barricaded gates, ” the statement read.

Protesters were offered an alternative location to continue the protest on campus, but they did not accept that offer, according to the spokesperson.

“During multiple rounds of negotiations, SAIC student protesters were promised amnesty from academic sanction and trespassing charges if they agreed to relocate. The School also agreed to meet with a student group to discuss their demands. After approximately five hours, an agreement could not be reached.”

Chicago Police Department assisted with ending the protests and arresting individuals, the museum spokesperson said.

The president of the University of Virginia, Jim Ryan, released a statement Saturday on the removal of protesters from the encampment on campus.

Ryan said that up until Friday, the demonstrations on campus had remained peaceful and “complied with requests to adhere to University policies including a long-standing prohibition on erecting tents absent a permit.”

However, Ryan said protesters were given a “final warning” on Saturday morning that “was ignored” and the university’s police department officers “were met with physical confrontation and attempted assault.”

Virginia State Police were called to clear the encampment after it was deemed an “unlawful” assembly, according to the president.

“I recognize and respect that some will disagree with our decisions,” Ryan said in the statement. “This entire episode was upsetting, frightening and sad.”

The University of Virginia alerted students to avoid the chapel area of ​​the school’s Charlottesville campus — where protesters have set up an encampment — for police activity.

Around 40 police officers from multiple police agencies are on campus to potentially clear pro-Palestinian protesters, according to the student paper, the Cavalier Daily.

Albemarle County Police and Virginia State Police arrived with riot gear to support Charlottesville Police and University Police, according to an affiliate reporter.