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Petal Ads and Talabat are working together to drive regional expansion

It has been more than forty years since ILF Consulting Engineers first set foot on Arab soil. ILF, originally known as Ingenieurgemeinschaft Lässer-Feizlmayr, was a modestly sized company when it was first commissioned by the Saline Water Conversion Corporation to develop a revolutionary pipeline system.

This system, which stretches 467 km from Jubail on the Arabian Gulf to Riyadh, ushered in the world’s first closed high-pressure pipeline system for water transport. With the launch of this ground-breaking project, ILF’s journey in the Gulf region began.

Since then, ILF has continued to expand its presence in Saudi Arabia, winning contracts for some of the largest and most groundbreaking water transfer projects in the region, totaling nearly 15,000 km.

Today, given the climate challenges, creating sustainable infrastructure and utilities is one of the country’s most important tasks.

Building on its impressive history of providing excellent engineering services in the Kingdom over many decades, as well as its global expertise in energy and climate protection, water and environment, transport and urban spaces, as well as resources and sustainable industry, ILF is able to provide both technical and advisory services to meet current and future challenges for today’s society and future generations.

The introduction of Saudi Vision 2030 serves as a strategic framework aimed at diversifying the country’s economy and reducing dependence on oil revenues. The core objectives include economic diversification, privatization, investment promotion, education improvement, social and cultural development and governance reform, and include significant public and private investments in sustainable infrastructure and utilities.

In line with Vision 2030, and through its commitment to its core values ​​of improving the quality of life through the provision of excellent technical and advisory services, ILF Saudi Arabia not only supports the Saudiization, localization and regional headquarters initiatives, but delivers it also provides services to a wide range of public and private clients for projects in the following areas:

• Water and environment (water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, water transmission, water storage, water distribution, water reuse, urban irrigation, irrigation, greening initiatives, parks and nature reserves.)

• Energy and climate protection (renewable energy generation – solar, wind and geothermal energy, battery energy systems, energy storage – pumped storage, energy transmission and distribution)

• Transport and urban development (urban infrastructure)

• Resources and sustainable industry (mining infrastructure, carbon capture)

ILF’s commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in the company’s project portfolio, where they support their clients in their efforts to achieve sustainable development through a wide range of projects, but also in the local training program that the company has been running for more than 10 year. something that ILF considers a sustainable contribution to society. ILF is also a member of the global movement of companies measuring and disclosing their environmental, social, economic and governance impacts in accordance with international reporting standards, allowing them to evolve in a sustainable way.

“At ILF Consulting Engineers in Saudi Arabia we are very proud of our contributions to current and future projects. Our commitment to improving quality of life is reflected in our daily efforts and drives our continued growth in both workforce and project scope,” the company said in a statement.