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How to Familiarize a Cat (Toula) – Hades 2 Guide

If you can’t find Toula in Erebus, she is in the Dock in the Rift of Thessaly.

The Rift of Thessaly is the area you enter after defeating Polyphemus in the city of Ephyra. Immediately after completing the boss fight, head to the next room to replenish your health at the Fountain. The next room is the Docks. There is a small pier all the way to the left of the Docks where, if you are lucky, Toula can relax. Give her some Witch’s Delight to familiarize her, and she will disappear to the crossroads, where you can meet her again after running.

Toula is not always in the Docks and can be quite elusive. But keep completing runs on the surface, and you’ll eventually encounter her!

You’ll have to cast both Permeation of Witching Wards And The unraveling of a fateful bond Charms to explore the surface long enough to reach the Rift of Thessaly.

How to get Witch’s Delight in Hades 2

Witch’s Delight is a treat you receive after casting Faith of Familiar Spirits in the Cauldron. The Faith of Familiar Spirits Charm requires 2x nectar and 1x lotus flower. You can get Nectar by completing encounters in rooms with the Nectar icon on the door. You can also buy it from the Wretched Broker in the Crossroads for 50x Bones. The lotus flowers you need for the incantation can be collected by hand in Oceanus.

If you’ve already given your Witch’s Delight to Frinos the Frog, you can earn even more by using the Beast-loving bite recipe on the Alchemy tab. This recipe is unlocked after casting Faith of Familiar Spirits and costs you 1x Star Dust and 2x Lotus Flowers.

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