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Tips and answers for Sunday, May 5, in Today’s New York Times’ “Connections.”

The contemporary NYT Connections puzzle involves arranging 16 words into four groups of four based on their connections. Players should be careful with words that can fit into multiple categories. The groups are color coded, with yellow being the easiest to identify and purple the most difficult. If players make mistakes they lose lives, and four mistakes are the game over. Hints are available to guide players through the puzzle.

The 16 words for today’s puzzle are FRANK, FRUIT, EGG, DIRECT, OBVIOUS, PRODUCE, WRITE, MUM, RETURN, TRADE, REWARD, ALL, VAMP, POPPY, WERE and BENEFIT. The hints for the groups tease the connections between the words, with the yellow group concerned with positive outcomes of effort, the green group about variants of a food product, the blue group focusing on actions toward receiving an Oscar, and the purple group gives hints at classic movie villains.

The current Connections groups appear to be: the yellow group – something you get through hard work, the green group – types of bagels, the blue group – ways to contribute to a film, and the purple group – starts with samples . The correct answers for each group are given as: BENEFIT, FRUIT, RETURN, REWARD for the yellow group; EGG, ALL, CLEAR, POPPY for the green group; ACT, DIRECT, PRODUCE, WRITE for the blue group; and FRANK, MUM, VAMP, WERE for the purple group.

The player shares his experience with today’s puzzle, noting that he was one mistake away from a perfect game, but still managed to secure his fourth win in a row. They describe their process of figuring out the groups and making corrections as needed. The player also shares his enjoyment of the game and recommends the movie “What We Do In The Shadows” based on today’s puzzle, highlighting its fun mockumentary style.

In conclusion, today’s NYT Connections puzzle provided players with a challenging yet fun task of organizing words into different groups based on their connections. Using hints and carefully considering word associations are the key to success in the game. Players can test their skills and logic while having fun with these engaging word puzzles. Stay tuned for more hints and solutions to upcoming puzzles, and don’t forget to come back on Monday for the next game.