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Boot buyers say this £8 Megababe anti-chafing stick is ‘a miracle worker’

We know we shouldn’t moan about the warm weather now that it’s finally here, but it does come with some challenges – like wasps, heat rashes and uncomfortable skin irritation when wearing a skirt or shorts. However, shoppers think they have found an affordable solution.

Cool, problem-solving body care brand Megababe has just launched at Boots, online and in-store, and one product in particular – Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick – is already proving to be a huge hit with Boots customers.

Priced at £12 for a full-size stick or £8 for a convenient travel-friendly version, Thigh Rescue is an award-winning solid cream product with aloe vera, grapeseed oil and vitamin E that glides over the skin, leaving a protective film. layer that prevents the skin from chafing or sticking together.

Shoppers love this anti-rub stick(Image: Boots)
  • Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick, from £8 at Boots

Suitable for use on the thighs, arms, the backs of the feet – or basically anywhere chafing occurs – Megababe Thigh Rescue seems like a must-have for summer if you notice that your bare thighs often rub together uncomfortably when wearing a skirt or wearing shorts. It can also be a lifesaver if your new shoes chafe, or if you do a lot of sports such as running and cycling, reports the Mirror.

It’s already a huge hit with Boots shoppers as it has racked up nearly 1,500 reviews, 97% of which are five-star reviews.

One satisfied customer titled his review “I can’t live the summer without it” and wrote, “I bought this to help with thigh irritation when I wear shorts in the summer. After a long day outside, my thighs were red and sore. wear shorts under all my dresses. This thing works wonders and is a literal must-have for hot days and shorts.”

Soothes and protects uncomfortable skin(Image: Cult Beauty)

Another avid shopper said: “This product has literally changed my life. I am now free to wear all the dresses and skirts I loved but avoided for fear of the pain that would result from chafing. I can now happily wander the streets on vacation, go to amusement parks or stroll along the boardwalk for hours without fear.”

Thigh Rescue is also up for grabs at Cult Beauty and ASOS.

If you’re looking for other chafing solutions, consider wearing thin, form-fitting shorts under your skirt. We’re fans of the Cotton with Cool Comfort Cycling Shorts from Marks and Spencer, £8, available in three colours.

The Body Glide stick, £11.99, is another option, particularly popular among those who do a lot of exercise or outdoor activities.