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“BJP is trying to finalize the Constitution. wants Dalit and Adivasi to remain marginalised,” says Rahul in Telangana

Lok Sabha elections 2024 live updates: Rahul Gandhi will campaign in Telangana today, while his sister and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi will start her campaign in Rahul’s Lok Sabha constituency Rae Bareli

“Congress is trying to save the Constitution.  On the other hand, the BJP is trying to finish it off,” Rahul Gandhi said at an election rally in Telangana.  (PTI)“Congress is trying to save the Constitution. On the other hand, the BJP is trying to finish it off,” Rahul Gandhi said at an election rally in Telangana. (PTI)

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Live Updates: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday addressed the BJP and stated that the party wants to “finish the constitution of the country”. Rahul said at a rally in Telangana that the saffron party wants it Pichde, Dalit and Adivasi must remain marginalised. ‘They only work for 22 rich people. He (PM Modi) has parted with their Rs 16 lakh crore. The amount is the same as the money of 24 years of MNREGA,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi will offer prayers at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and hold a roadshow in the city this evening as the campaign for phase 3 of the elections comes to an end. According to news agency PTI, the route of the roadshow has been divided into 40 blocks, in which Sindhis, Punjabis, farmers and women in traditional costumes will be present.

Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee said his party was keen on forging an alliance with the Congress for which he even went to meet Rahul Gandhi at his residence at 6 am. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s nephew and party’s heir apparent has alleged that TMC candidates are the real representatives of INDIA bloc in West Bengal.

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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Live Updates: PM Modi prays at Ram temple and holds roadshow in Ayodhya

The reason is that today I am going to say in absolutely plain language that the Prime Minister is humiliating himself and India with the latest turn his campaign has taken.

Tavleen Singh writes: Modi appears to be throwing away his own lead in these elections

In this age of social media, writing a political column is often difficult. Two-crore trolls who manage to string one sentence together think they have become political commentators and spend their time attacking people like me. Maybe because they think they should write a column in The Indian Express? Who knows? If I write anything that sounds like a criticism of the Congress Party, I am accused of ‘hatred’ towards the Gandhi family. When I write something that sounds like a criticism of Narendra Modi, the accusations become scarier. They range from a ‘Pakistani agent’ to anti-Hindu and anti-India.

Now that the Lok Sabha elections have begun, the trolls have become virulently verbose. Criticisms of this column are sometimes longer than the column itself. Because they are always written with the utmost confidence that only fools have, they sound credible to those who have no idea what political analysis is. So there are many on social media who challenge me to respond to these rants. This is never going to happen. Last week it was Congress trolls who took out their anger on me. I expect the Modi fan club to be in a belligerent mood tonight.

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