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Fallout 4 fans pushed to play on Xbox over PlayStation because of one key benefit

Fallout 4 fans pushed to play on Xbox over PlayStation because of one key benefit

If you can, choose Xbox when you embark on your next Fallout adventure

We’re not the ones to say you’re playing wrong… but you’re playing wrong. Possibly.

Since Fallout broadcast on Amazon Prime, a wave of players has been seen and felt in the Wasteland.

The majority of newcomers leave their vault to explore Fallout 4and with that decision comes another: which console should you play on?

Not to create any doubt about the updated PlayStation 5 version, but Xbox is the better option if you are privileged to own both consoles.

If you’ve looked Fallout and if you want to know who the cast would kiss, marry or irradiate, then this video is for you!

This isn’t referring to the confusing messages PS5 users received when trying to play Bethesda’s RPG via PS Plus; this is something completely different.

You see, on Xbox, Bethesda’s Creation Club offers a better range of options than its PlayStation counterpart.

PC gamers undoubtedly still hold all the cards when it comes to modding possibilities, but Creation Club has certainly opened things up for Xbox players.

Unfortunately for PS5 gamers, the options are disappointing due to Sony’s rigid stance on mod use.

New players still have a lot to discover, even if they play vanilla Fallout 4. Still, the loss of such a large number of options and customization will be felt by those who prefer to improve their experience.

Except that you buy yourself an Xbox there is another way to improve your playing experience and get the best Fallout experience, but you might be a little nervous to try it. But trust us: it’s worth it.

No judgment on how you will continue to play, just know that with one Fallout 3 remake seems to be coming sooner than expected, maybe now is the time to try out the Xbox Series S/X.

Otherwise, you can take to Reddit and complain to your fellow PS5 players who are also feeling bitter about this obvious benefit.

The most important thing to get out of all of this, though, is to just play Fallout.

Featured image credits: Amazon, Bethesda Softworks

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