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Wind Breaker episode 8 release date and where to watch it

Brace yourself for the next round. Haruka Sakura is finally in the ring and anticipation is building as the Wind Breaker Episode 8 release date approaches.

Haruka’s one-on-one battle against Shishitoren’s second-in-command, Jo Togame, began with a fiery altercation in episode 7, “Fight to Win.”

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We saw glimpses of their motivations, beliefs and how Shishi towers became devotees in power.

With both fighters at a crossroads, Episode 8 marks a turning point. Will Sakura secure a crucial victory for Bofurin, or will Shishitoren consolidate their grip on power?

Wind Breaker episode 7 recap

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In Episode 7, the gloves came off when Sakura and Togame clashed in a brutal brawl. Bofurin’s leader, Hajime Umemiya, sheds light on Shishitoren’s power structure and explains how Togame and leader Choji Tomiyama maintain control through sheer force.

The episode revealed the true cause of the conflict between Bofurin and Shishitoren. It wasn’t a gang war, but a response to Minoru Kanuma and Yukinari Arima bullying a high school student from Furin.

The revelation caused Togame to beat up Manuma and Arima, effectively removing them from Shishi Tower.

We then delved into Togame’s past through a flashback. The flashback showed Choji Tomiyama recruiting a young Togame for Shishitoren.

Their core philosophy was revealed: unwavering individuality and the pursuit of strength as the path to freedom. This explained Tomiyama’s obsession with power, as he believed it led to ultimate freedom.

Togame’s initial entry into Shishitoren was driven by a deep-seated need for acceptance, a desire to find a place where he could finally connect with others despite his social problems.

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Togame played a crucial role in Tomiyama’s rise within Shishitoren.

However, their ambitions took a dark turn at the peak. Instead of elevating the weaker members, Shishitoren began to ignore them.

To protect Tomiyama’s image, Togame took on the burden of eliminating the weak members of Shishitoren. This marked the beginning of a dark era for the gang.

Wind Breaker Episode 8 Release Date

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The episode will officially air on local Japanese networks at midnight. 12:00 AM JST on Friday, May 24, 2024.

Release times and schedule for international viewers vary depending on their time zone.

GMT+8 May 23, 11 p.m
ET (eastern time) May 23, 11am
PT (Pacific Time) May 23, 8am
CT (central time) May 23, 10am
GMT (Western European Time) May 23, 3 p.m
CET (Central European Time) May 23, 5:00 PM
IST (Indian Standard Time) May 23, 8:30 PM

Where can you watch Wind Breaker?

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The anime is available on the following platforms:

Availability may vary depending on your region.

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