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NetsDaily Offseason Report – No. 3

The dog days of the offseason have begun. We are two weeks away from Brooklyn introducing their new head coach, Jordi Fernández, at a joyful event at the HSS Training Center, a last day of school feel for media, a few players and coaches.

We are also a week away DELETED of Juwan Howard being unveiled as Brooklyn’s final assistant coach behind Fernández, joining Steve Hetzel and incumbent Jay Fernandez. Dropping out are Kevin Ollie and Will Weaver, who had to accept relegations to stay in the municipality.

We also noted that Brooklyn’s performance team may undergo a shakeup this offseason, according to multiple sources. And while there are no details yet on these potential moves, it’s worth noting that Joe and Clara Wu Tsai’s other basketball team, the New York Liberty, made similar moves in their recent offseason, confirmed by multiple sources.

Now, though, it’s time for sleeping dogs to sleep, or at least watch the rest of the NBA playoffs in silence. News can become scarce this time of year as the offseason takes full control of the league’s non-contenders. But you never know with the Brooklyn Nets.

Design sleeper of the week

While nothing has been said about the Brooklyn Nets’ draft plans since Sean Marks claimed his team could trade for a pick almost two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume Brooklyn has entered the final stages of building their big board. It’s been three weeks since the Nets played their final game of the season, a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on April 14, and executives and scouts alike are returning to the office.

“If there’s someone there who says, ‘Wow, they’re slipping,’ can we go in on that particular choice? That would be important for us… for us this year it will be more strategic,” Marks said at Jordi Fernández’s introductory press conference. “It’s about: ‘Is the player available for that choice? How do we get in there?’ So those conversations will happen relatively quickly and they will continue until the clock.”

We mentioned a team like the Indiana Pacers, who own the No. 1 picks, 36, 49 and 50 picks, as a potential trade partner, although Marks also left open the possibility of trading in the first round.

In any case, one player Brooklyn could keep an eye on should he slide into or into the second round would be Cal’s Jaylon Tyson, a 21-year-old who just made the All Pac-12 First Team for the California Golden Bears in his junior season. . Here’s a whole bunch of his highlights, courtesy of No ceilings:

Tyson operates somewhere between wing and guard territory – despite being 6-foot-4. 35% of his possessions this season came as a ballhandler in a pick-and-roll setting.

He posted a solid 30% usage rate at Cal and turned it over 3.1 times per game, but his shooting was nothing to scoff at. Fairly efficient from all parts of the floor, he shot 59% at the rim, 42% from mid-range and 36% from three on a steady diet of pull-ups. In his second season at Texas Tech, he shot 40% on many more catch-and-shoots.

Tyson isn’t shouting for Net’s prospects, having attended three schools during his three-year college career — not a value judgment in the portal era, but look at Brooklyn’s track record — though his positional size is intriguing.

Then again, even though Sean Marks has made a trade that has affected the Nets’ draft position in six of the eight drafts he has overseen – including six straight, each of the six came within 48 hours of the main event. We will think about the possibilities for a while.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Donovan Mitchell advance to the second round

Yes, this one gets its own section. Donovan Mitchell’s contract is only guaranteed for one season, and the rumors persist noisy that he will not accept his player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2025-2026 season. So the trade whispers turn to murmurs, with ESPN’s Brian Windhorst calling the Nets a potential destination for the kid from New York. since December.

And before Game 7 of Cleveland’s first-round series against the Orlando Magic,’s Terry Pluto wrote that Mitchell felt “physically beat up and emotionally exhausted” heading into the series’ deciding game.

Cavs GM Koby Altman has reportedly been stubborn in his stance against the Mitchell trade until the last possible moment, but I mean, you can see where this could go, right? A tired, injured and frustrated team that may be on the verge of losing in the first round for the second year in a row with the bar set much higher. Mitchell scored 50 points in a Game 6 loss, followed by that report, about two levels softer than outright calling him “unlucky,” and then trailing by double digits against Orlando at halftime of Game 7.

And the Cavs looked soft, especially outside of Mitchell. If you wanted the 27-year-old to hit the trade market immediately, this would have been the perfect script to make it happen. But then…

The Cavaliers rallied behind Mitchell’s 39 points on a sub-100% knee (a recurring problem in his career) to advance to face the Boston Celtics in the conference semifinals. Maybe this doesn’t change Cleveland’s long-term prospects, or Brooklyn’s desire to trade for Mitchell, or his own desire to move back to the East Coast.

But the Cavaliers have avoided the DEFCON 1 scenario for their 2023-’24 season to a tee. Just something to keep an eye on.

Nic Claxton’s decision is looming

There is no news from the Nic Claxton front. He is not alone here; the NBA world in general is still focused on the playoffs as we are only one game into the second round, or in other words, a quarter of the way home.

Still, sources indicate that Brooklyn is very confident in their ability to re-sign Clax, even if the annual value of the contract approaches $25 million. But you don’t have to be an insider to read the tea leaves. There was a member of Brooklyn’s social media content team who asked Jordi Fernández about Clax at his presser, not to mention Fernández’s continued praise of the lefty great since taking the job.

There are also digital billboards around the Barclays Center that continue to promote Claxton’s Bero fashion line, released in partnership with the Nets (who also promote it on their team store website)…

While re-signing Cam Johnson was a certainty for Marks and his front office last season, Claxton’s situation isn’t much different.

Jordi Fernández interviews the Catalan TV channel

One of the only media appearances by Brooklyn’s new head coach since his appointment took place this week on TV3CAT, an international Catalan-language TV channel.

Fernández didn’t go too deep into his coaching philosophy, as you might expect, but reiterated his enthusiasm to coach the Canadian senior men’s national team at the Olympics this summer. He also discussed the unique relationship he has with his two children who are away from home for much of the year, noting that he finds great comfort in being at home with his family and that he enjoys, for example, the responsibility of teaching his children Catalan to learn.

Fernández is from Badalona, ​​a city in the Catalan region of Spain, the easternmost part of the country. However, Catalonia is considered an autonomous community of Spain and has a long history of independence movements, with activists jailed, declarations of violations of constitutional law and state violence made even in the past decade.

We have referred to Fernández as both Catalan and Spanish since his appointment and will likely continue to do so unless he makes it clear he prefers something else. For what it’s worth, Fernández praised both the “Catalan” and “Spanish” basketball apparatus during his introductory press conference.