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Which U.S. Citizen Will Be Eligible for Social Security on May 8?

Find out the requirements to receive the next Social Security benefit on May 8

Find out the requirements to receive the next Social Security benefit on May 8

On the coming one The Social Security Administration will pay out the new pension checks on May 8 for a specific group of Americans. If we want to receive this payment, we must meet some mandatory requirements. Not only that, there is an additional requirement that allows us to collect payment on the same day of shipment.

Yet it is true that the encounter with the two mandatory requirements are enough for the Social Security Administration to send us the check on the following 8th day. One of the requirements concerns the year of retirement. The other requirement is related to the beneficiary’s birthday.

Requirements to receive the May 8 Social Security check

We just need to meet each other two mandatory requirements, as we have already discussed. But it is true that if we want Social Security as quickly as possible, we must meet an additional requirement. Please pay close attention to whether you are eligible for the May 8 check.

Here are the two mandatory requirements for collecting May 8 Social Security:

  • Have a pension benefitwhether or not disabled, from May 1997.
  • Have a birthday between the 1st and the 10th of the month.

And there are no other mandatory requirements other than having one Direct deposit activated for same day collection. If we have not activated this collection method, the The Social Security Administration will mail the checkbut we will get it a few days later.

What is the maximum social security check in May 2024?

The maximum social security benefit May 2024 equates to $4,783 per month after adding the Cola. While it is true that the COLA for this year 2024 has not been huge, it has been enough for a retiree to reach that large figure.

It is also not necessary to use the maximum social security check to get the COLA increase. The increase will be added to every payment sent by the SSA starting in January of this year 2024.

So we can say that Social Security benefits will be higher in 2024 and will probably be even higher in the next year 2025. It will all depend on what the COLA will be in the coming years, but most likely these payments will reach a higher figure than the checks this year.