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‘Marathi people not welcome’ Recruiters Linkedin post sparks controversy; Netizens express their anger

HR shared a job posting on LinkedIn, along with job requirements such as experience and salary. She also stated that ‘Marathi people are not welcome here.’ It created a huge controversy in the state and netizens expressed their anger on all social media platforms.

An advertisement for a graphic designer position on Linkedin has become controversial in Maharashtra as the post stated that Marathi candidates were not allowed to apply. A major controversy arose after the post went viral and many people slammed the recruiters. Education Minister Deepka Kesarkar also responded to the controversy and ensured action against such posts.



The job posting was shared on LinkedIn by an HR named Janhvi Sarana. It listed all the requirements for the job, including experience and salary, and also stated that ‘Marathi people are not welcome here.’

Linkedin post says: ‘No entry for Marathi people’

The message Read as below

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*Urgent recruitment*

*Job title* Graphic designer

Location: Mumbai (Girgaon)

Salary: 4.8 LPA

After which, the recruiter made a controversial statement about the Marathi community, stating: ‘The Marathi people are not welcome here.’

Netizens express their anger over ‘no entry for Marathi’ people

Many netizens demanded an apology from her, while many cited post-discrimination and demanded action.

Esha Marathe said: Discrimination has no place in our community. I was deeply disturbed when I came across a job advertisement that explicitly stated that the Marathi people are not welcome here. “This type of language is not only offensive, but also illegal and violates the basic principles of equality and non-discrimination in the workplace.”

Linkedin user Pradeep Mhaskar said: Janvi Sarna’s job posting was really discriminatory and overall a shame for any HR person. Strongly condemn her thought process.”

The company for which the recruitment advertisement was placed has broken away from the HR and stated: We strongly condemn the recent hateful post against Marathi people by JANVI SARNA. It is important to make it clear that she is not affiliated with our company in any way; she simply used our company name on LinkedIn, a platform that is accessible to everyone. We contacted her for clarification and she has since apologized and updated her current employment information, which you can verify. In addition, we would like to emphasize once again that we have not posted any job requirements recently. Please take this into account and refer to our previous job postings for verification.”

Apologies from HR recruiter

HR named Janvi Sarna, who posted this post, has apologized after facing a huge backlash from all sides. She said: Since I work as a freelancer and work with many companies, ITcode infotech company was one of them and that post was not related to itcode infotech. It was due to my supervision,

I posted that vacancy.

I am really sorry,

This is to let you know that I do not endorse such comments that are discriminatory against anyone (cast, religious community).”

‘Doesn’t want to tolerate,’ says minister Deepak Kesarkar

Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar today informed that the company will be fully investigated and said can such a post be made? will be told to check and see. Once we have announced the Marathi Language Policy, we will check whether such a notice can be made. Deepak Kesarkar explained that such companies will work even if they are not in Maharashtra. We will create new businesses, but this kind of thing will not be tolerated.

Pub Date: May 6, 2024 12:20 IST

Updated Date: May 6, 2024 12:20 IST