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‘Have had some terrible experiences with female producers whose checks bounced’ – Firstpost

Richa Chadha was recently seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Netflix’sHeeramandi‘ where she really controlled the screen with her aura. The actress recently said in an interview that she did not subscribe to the idea that all women are saints and shared her own experiences.

Speaking to News18, the actress said, “I don’t think I subscribe to the fact that all women are saints. I’ve had terrible experiences with female producers whose checks bounced and who pretended to be feminists on Twitter (now X). I’ve also had toxic co-actors who constantly competed with me by not giving the right cues and turning off the lights in scenes.

Chadha added, “I can’t say I’ve had a uniform, monolithic experience. Sisterhood certainly exists and it is real if you build it, create it and cherish it. But it takes more than one person to understand and create that.”

About working with an insecure actress

Interacting with India Today, Richa shared, “I recently worked with a very insecure actress; she tried to change the script and block my light. It became clear to everyone. So I asked the DOP to step in and intervene to not block my light, because that is very obvious, and very tasteless and very 90s. For me, that person is blacklisted.”

And in an exclusive interview with Firstpost, the actress spoke about her role in SLB’s show and said, ‘As Lajjo Jaan I worked on it very academically. I understood that this part had to have an impact somehow and I studied Meena Kumari as a reference character. Not just her on-screen characters, but who she was, how her life turned out, her tragedy, her longing for love and poetry. I really looked into it. I had to unlearn a lot because it is a historical film. Especially if you’re doing a dance sequence, what are the reference songs you need to look at.”

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