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Readers talk about Governor Kristi Noem, the campus crackdown and honoring nurses

When Kristi tells you who she is, believe her

Forked River, NJ: After South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s puppy killer’s political career is in the doghouse, she’s now calling her own words “fake news” (“South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Defends Execution of 14-Month-Old Dog in gravel pit,” April 26).

Noem bragged in her new book about shooting her puppy named Cricket, claiming she was “worthless” and an “untrainable” puppy. She went on “Hannity” on Fox News on Wednesday night in a failed attempt at damage control that failed miserably. She changed her story about shooting her dog again, this time telling people she had a Cujo on her hands. She got this puppy so she could hunt birds, but after Cricket went after some chickens, she shot her in the face.

Last I checked, chickens are birds. Not to mention that any animal rescue group would have taken Cricket to a good home. There was no need to kill her. Here’s a new idea: hire a dog trainer if you want your puppy trained.

She also shot her goat because it smelled like a goat. Sounds more like a death camp to me than a farm. Kristi, don’t worry because you flushed your career down the toilet. I’m sure there are many dog ​​meat farms in places like Vietnam and South Korea that are always looking for bloodthirsty workers. They will love your resume and it will feel just like home to you. Jim Hughes


Bayside: Re “Whose voters like RFK Jr. more? It is very clear” (column, April 3): SE Cupp, thank you! You’ve said it all. Exactly what I said! RFK will deprive President Biden of votes because he is a Kennedy. Too bad most of the Kennedy believers are dead! Theresa Polese

Bad news

Brooklyn: I don’t understand why all these people would want to vote for Donald Trump. Look at all the damage he has done and continues to do. I agree with John Bolton and Mark Esper that he is a threat to democracy. Maria Santiago

Reversing fraud

White Rock, British Columbia: Why couldn’t there have been a resultant voter fraud in Donald Trump’s favor? His supporters conveniently ignore this possibility. The actual hard evidence of this fraud? Basically the same as that for Trump’s side: Nada. Some people, likely Democratic voters, simply find it unfathomable that so many Americans would have voted for him both times — especially in 2020 after his first-term chaos. They have no real evidence to support their claim, other than the fact that Hillary lost in 2016, with Donald garnering a whopping 70 million votes – results they believe are only possible due to resultant election fraud in Trump’s favor. It’s absurd, but that’s the point, isn’t it? That, and to never underestimate the emotional mindset of the poor loser. Frank Sterle Jr.

Felt reality

Oceanside, LI: Re “Biden, Winning by the Numbers” (March 7): You are insulting readers by believing that Donald Trump is stoking the fear and malaise the country is feeling. You continue the Democratic mantra: it’s not what you see and feel, it’s what we tell you. You can throw out all the statistics you want, but I’ll go with the gut feelings and common sense of my fellow New Yorkers. I welcome the increased police presence in the metro, but there has to be a reason for that presence. We’re playing a NY lottery of who’s next. In this game, no one wants to win. The concern is not about protecting the law-abiding citizen, but the criminals who have a crime record aided and abetted by no-bail laws. The costs of groceries, gas, insurance and daily living are taking another hit. We live this. Numbers cannot hide reality. Tony Giametta

BDS blitz

Brooklyn: Harry Siegel is absolutely right (“The campus protesters’ Gaza case is not a Vietnam war,” column, April 28). The university protests are not about the current war in Gaza. It’s about putting pressure on the universities to divest from Israel and putting pressure on the country to cut off aid to Israel. These efforts and demonstrations, although on a smaller scale, long predated the war in Gaza and will continue long after the end of the war. And by the way, Columbia students have elected as student body president for the next academic year an Israeli woman who has spoken out in support of Israel and against anti-Semitism. These are the real Columbia students. Howard Berglas

Recommended reading

New Rochelle, NY: Anyone involved in higher education – from administrators to teachers to students (from graduate students to high school students and waitlisted parents) – should read SE Cupp’s “Violent Campus Protests Are Not About Freedom” (column May 2) to understand the purposes, places and pitfalls of protesting. Richard Rodriguez

Imperial boomerang

Brooklyn: The recent campus protests should concern every American, but not for the reasons many Americans seem concerned. The students’ message is easy to ignore if you only look at their clashes with police and outside agitators, ignoring that their perfectly peaceful encampments were attacked by people who wanted to suppress said message. Students and teachers were confronted with violence – provoked into physical resistance that could then be classified as violence and delegitimized. This is a tactic long used by Israeli soldiers and security forces against Palestinians demonstrating against violations of their rights, which they learned from the British colonial forces that came before them. Note: Many police forces that use nightclubs, rubber bullets, and handcuffs to oppress our own young citizens have had programs that have sent officers to Israel for training for years. We see the lessons in suppressing dissent that they brought with them. Stuart Manning


Brooklyn: The fact that Republicans want to crush anti-war protests on college campuses but let the January 6 insurrectionists go free tells you everything you need to know about their priorities, right? Patriots, not the Republicans! Joe Ferra

National heroes

Bellerose: National Nurses Week starts on May 6 and ends on May 12 each year. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are 2.8 million registered nurses. Our nurses have been through a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic. A good number of them have become ill and some have died. In 2020-2021, these nurses were called true heroes. I would agree. I had surgery at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, LI, for aggressive prostate cancer. In the recovery room I was cared for by the most caring and concerned nurses. Over the next three years I underwent three more operations. I am now 75 and still very much alive. We have dedicated nurses who go the extra mile for their patients. So let me commend all these great nurses who do what they do for the health of our nation. Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

No home team?

Hartsdale, NY: There I am on a Sunday morning, waiting for the puck to drop for Round 2, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and there is nothing in the New York Hometown Newspaper about the NY Rangers. I’m not surprised, just disappointed that we only got little blips from disinterested Associated Press reporters all season. From Monday to Saturday you published a 48-page edition, and the Sunday edition had 72 pages. There used to be a beat writer for each of the three local teams. Another reason why you are no longer “New York’s Hometown Newspaper”! Fred Feinberg

Write them down

Hillsdale, NY: I completely agree with the issues surrounding voter safety on sidewalks, citing speeding bicycles and motorized scooters using sidewalks as a roadway, which is illegal and dangerous to pedestrians. These bikes use corner cuts to enter one sidewalk and exit another, creating a hazard for everyone. Bicycles that use streets instead of sidewalks create other dangerous conditions by blowing through red lights and stop signs, creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians crossing on a green light. The only way to check this is to issue a two-part ticket with a serial number. Give one part to the rider and have the other attached to the bike, directing the rider to pick up the seized bike at a disclosed location and to surrender part two of the ticket with a $100 fine to get his bike or scooter back. Are politicians asleep at the wheel? Phil Antico