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Greater Noida Road Rage: Men in BMW attack family At 1am, Dashcam records scary encounter

In a road rage incident in Greater Noida, a family of four was attacked by a group of men in the Knowledge Park area around 1 am while they were on their way to a hospital. The terrifying ordeal was captured on the dashcam of the family’s car. The attackers, who were driving a BMW, not only repeatedly rammed the family’s car from behind, but also overtook them several times and threw bottles at their vehicle.

As shared by CarsIndia on Reddit, the video shows several cars approaching from the opposite direction, and a BMW aggressively overtaking a vehicle in front of the family’s car. Despite the family’s car making no mistakes or retaliating, the BMW began chasing them down a deserted road. After passing them once and trying to start an argument by stopping in front of their car, the driver of the EcoSport carrying the family chose to avoid the confrontation and changed his route.

As the family continued to drive at high speed and heard a woman in the background calling for emergency help, the BMW continued to ram and attack their car from behind.

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The BMW overtook them again, this time on a road with no alternative routes, and 2-3 people left the BMW to throw bottles at the family. Fortunately, the driver, calm and alert, quickly reversed and then made a U-turn to accelerate away.


This part of the video, which was shared on Reddit, quickly went viral and sparked fear among viewers.

“The high beam, overtaking in the wrong lane, damaged the car. After all, it was 100% their fault for having b***s to not only turn around and chase them, but start hitting them. Sometimes I wish I was just a vigilante chasing people like this and breaking every bone in their body,” said one user. Another said: “So scary man!!!! Props to the driver for not panicking. so calm and driving the car so smoothly,” said another.