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What are the fastest growing skills in marketing?

You might be surprised to know what the fastest growing skills in marketing are, according to LinkedIn.

At the top of the list is web3.js, which probably makes most people turn to Google to find out what it is.

It’s basically a type of encryption that allows you to interact with blockchain more efficiently.

For the more complicated definition, Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allow you to communicate with a local or remote Ethereum node.

Second on the list according to LinkedIn’s 2024 Global Marketing Jobs Outlook report may also raise some eyebrows: A++. This is not just a school assessment, but a kind of coding.

As you move down the list, the skills become more familiar. SaaS sales come in third, while social media strategy comes in fifth.

Interestingly enough, Discord ranks fourth on the list, recognizing the growing importance of gaming for marketers. Discord is a hugely popular platform where people can chat with each other on mobile phones, PCs and gaming consoles.

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Although the number of marketing vacancies fell over the past year, data from LinkedIn suggests that “brighter days lie ahead for the profession”.

83 percent of CMOs say they are likely to hire new employees this year. Trends among LinkedIn members show marketers are building their skills and how companies are prioritizing talent.

LinkedIn’s research into the most in-demand skills for all professionals found that adaptability is today’s most popular skill – the one that has seen the fastest growth in the short term, according to platform data.

Below is an infographic summarizing the report: