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Why Season 3 Abigail was perhaps the most overpowering character in Street Fighter 5 history

Why Season 3 Abigail was perhaps the most overpowering character in Street Fighter 5 history

Looking back on every season of Street Fighter 5, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint one or two characters who were clearly head and shoulders above their fellow players in terms of poise, but none have as big a head or shoulders as Abigail. So we take a look at an in-depth argument that his reign at the top during Season 3 is the most egregious example of an overpowered SF5 character (and that’s really saying something).

Big Yellow takes us on this journey, highlighting why the big-bodied autophile was perhaps a bigger threat than all the crazy top tier of Season 1, Rashid in Season 2, or even Luke in the game’s final season.

Originally from Final Fight, Abigail was introduced as a DLC character about halfway through Season 2. He’s physically bigger than any character before him, dwarfing even Hugo and T. Hawk, and that was so obviously true in his trailer that many of us wondered if he’d have any special abilities (or regular characters could throw it or not). a big one at the time).

He had bigger pain boxes and yes, even smaller fighters like Cammy could flip him over their shoulder or across the screen, but he was still offensive, unlike everyone else on the character select screen.

You can debate (we do that a lot at EventHubs) whether or not it’s more accurate to classify Abigail as a grappler or a fighter. He does indeed possess a command grab, but like the more recent Marisa in Street Fighter 6, he tends to base his plan more on heavy/unblockable hits than on trying to threaten with scoops.

With his massive limbs and massive stature, Abigail naturally had long range with attacks like his crouching light punch or his crouching heavy kick (where he rolled forward for a swing that literally covered half the screen).

His skills and movements were relatively slow, but when combined with Street Fighter 5’s infamous V-Trigger comeback mechanic, things started to get a little crazy. One of the most notable reasons for this was the fact that Abigail could charge up his heavy punch to ensure it broke the opponent’s guards, leading to scaled but still extremely painful combos.

When the character received one (over five) too many buffs in the Season 3 update, players quickly found ways to put opponents into 50/50 situations that threatened massive amounts of health bars without much thought.

A quick but notable example was the use of his rolling sweep, which was normally balanced due to the fact that it was wildly unsafe on block, combined with V-Trigger cancellation that would make it not only safe but beneficial on block.

If you blocked the sweep, Abigail would transition to his enhanced VT1 state and immediately begin charging his unblockable armored punch. If you hold your block too long he might crumple you, but try to jump out early and he might release the blow early and clip you… either way you’ll eat half the health damage and maybe more if he had Critical Art in stock.

This was just one of the many parts of the equation that added up to perhaps the most unreasonable character in Street Fighter 5’s many years of utter unreasonableness. Let Big Yellow tell you all about it in the full video below and share your memories of the nightmare of season 3 Abigail in the comments below.